Monday, December 22, 2008

christmas treats

I'm not sure how well these will turn up, but here are the recipes for the Christmas treats I made this weekend.  

If anyone makes the  chocolate dipped peppermint sticks: I didn't do the green food dye part.  I just layered the plain dough on the bottom and red dyed dough on top, then cut them into strips to twist.

Also, to make the white chocolate for dipping: melt 2T of vegetable shortening, then add one bag of white chocolate chips at a really low heat.

Monet obviously loved the brownie batter.  This is the 1st time I let her do that...So she was loving it.  I guess I don't make desserts like this that often.  Here she is trying to shove the spatula and whisk into her mouth at the same time.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Chris & I at San Onofre waxing up.

At 20th street on a perfect small glassy day.

At San Onofre. The first time I got to ride my 9'0"
At Bolsa Chica on my Rockin' Fig fun board

Again at San Onofre before Monet was on earth.

I went through some pictures in an attempt to post them on my facebook...(sorry for the repeats). But, I heard from a friend that I haven't talked to in something like 9 or 10 years and it made me think of how much I have changed and who I am. It made me think of what I've enjoyed and where I am now. Although life isn't as free...and not as easy sometimes, I love Monet with all my heart and Robby. And, I'm really just appreciative for what I've gotten to do and where I am now. I am so glad I married someone who enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. It's hard for me to be pregnant. I usually get depressed on and off just because I can't physically do as much. But, looking at these pictures reminded me of what I have to look forward to.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


These next 3 pictures are of Huntington Central Park. There's a cute breakfast place and huge slides and play areas.

(Here's the mobile home park by the beach in Huntington. It's labeled, but the homes are in white on the left and just to the left of that is Main Street.) *I can't pu these in order....this is for the end of this post*
I haven't blogged in a while. I've been doing fun things to get ready for Christmas. I decided I would make stockings for the fam since theirs burned in the house fire....and I love any excuse to use my sewing machine. Here is a picture of the girl stockings. I don't have a picture of the boy stockings because I already shipped them off. They were green striped. I made some extra girl stockings since I had extra fabric. I embroidered each persons' name. I think they turned out pretty cute. I also got to finish all wrapping and shopping. The only thing that is left is to bake treats which I can't do until a few days before Christmas. I can't wait. I'll try to post some pictures and recipes when I do that.

I took the past 3 days off in an effort to use my PTO before I go on disability for the pregnancy. Monet & I have had so much fun. We went to this huge park in Huntington called Central Park and hung out at the beach. We went bike riding and went to the Tuesday night market. It was beautiful and sunny today.

Yesterday, we ran into our landlord as he was repairing the drier in our unit. He was a complete @$$hole because he was upset that someone had broken part of the drier. That was kind of the last straw for me. Our place is super cheap and in the perfect location, but it is really small. I would just love to be paying money into my own investment rather than someone else's. So, I went to the bank today and get pre-qualified for a home loan. I feel like the world/earth gives you clues or signs that you should listen to...even though most of the time I ignore them. Anyways, I tried to phone B of A a few times and no one answered. That should have been my first sign- get a personal referral for a lender or try another bank. But nooo, I drive there and talk with someone in person. They don't even have a person in the bank that does the super cheap 1st time home loans and when they get her on the phone she is so negative and demeaning! Ew! I just told her thanks but we're not going through B of A. And that's how the man tries to get you down! I'm not giving up just yet, we're going to talk to a guy one of our friend's referred. Our other options are to buy a mobile home at the park across from the beach or find a bigger apartment.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Top Five Books

My girlfriend at work brings her Oprah magazines in for all of us to read.  There are a couple sections in them that I like a lot.  Each month, she features a guest who lists his/her top 5 books which have changed their life in some way.  It made me think about what mine are so, here goes:  
I found this one at the library about 5 years ago.  I love free borrow that is.  I used to go to the library when I wanted to know more about something.  I'd pick out some books that sounded like they would do the job.  When I found this one, I was wanting to learn about the history of Jesus Christ.  I grew up Christian, but I didn't know hardly anything about Jesus himself.  I wanted to know what historians had written about him.  This book covers his life as recorded by the few historians of that time as well as the lives of the people around him.  The book goes into the history of the parts of the world that effected Jesus Christ.  I learned more about Jesus Christ in this book than I learned in my entire upbringing in Christianity.  It's a great book.
I was so lucky enough to live with my grandparents for the majority of my undergrad years. They have about a million books lining the walls like wallpaper. When I wanted to read something good, I would pick one out. I had been wanting to read something non-fiction from CS Lewis and stumbled accross this small book among the many. I loved the way it was written analytically. I can just imagine him at his type writer, typing every thought as it entered his head. The whole short book is about his wife's dealth and his feelings about the loss of life and about God. His writing is tangential and I love the way he thinks and doubts and we get to read about it.
Studs Terkel is one of my favorite authors and he has recently passed away. He lived a full life though. I first was introduced to him in a Social History class in college.  I dreaded taking History, but as soon as we were assigned our first book, I was hooked.  This book completely made me fall in love with history. Terkel accumulates oral histories from certain eras and the end result is a diverse wealth of knowledge from that time. This one in particular covers poeples memories of WWII including women entering the work force, people who had witnessed Pearl Harbor, African American soldiers and I remember specifically the white European soldiers' dismay at how the US treated even their black military at that time. It's so well put together and it really makes you consider all aspects of that time.

I love the Dalai Lama. I actually have a few books written by him. This one is co-authored by a psychologist who meets with the Dalai Lama a bunch of times, asks him questions, and reflects on the responses and how the Dalai Lama lives. I love the simplicity of the Dalai Lama's philosophy and way of life. His practices seem like they would be obvious, but actually reading them in this book helped them to sink in on a deeper level for me. Most importantly, having compassion instead of hatred or anger for someone who has done you wrong of even if you feel you were handed a raw deal in life. The information in this book really helped me feel at peace with a lot of issues in my life.
Can I put a workout book on my list? I read this book about 8 years ago. I read a lot of health/fitness/nutrition books. It's funny because my aunt does too and we end up sharing our information usually on the latest nutrition trends. But of all the books like this I have read, this one is the best. I have lost weight and felt great on certain workout regimes and the one he outlines is just the standard for the best workout. The nutrition section is simple and not rigid. And...there's lots of before and after photos that totally get you pumped up to get in shape. One tip in the book, I know has worked for me in the past, is to work out in the morning before eating a huge meal and the importance of stretching.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pregnant pictures

Liz sent me one of the pictures she took when her and her fam came to visit. She's been taking professional pictures and experimenting with her camera.

I should probably make this a separate angry blog. But...I don't care even if someone is is still not ok to comment on how big the person is or how huge they will be by the time they are ready to have their baby!! What is wrong with people that think just because you are pregnant it's ok to say how big your baby will be as evidence by your size! I completely get huge when I get pregnant and I already have issues about gaining weight...and I still have a long ways to go until I can have my body back. Today is just a rough day I guess. At least the beautiful ocean is in the background.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween and the first rain

I know it doesn't look like it, but it actually was raining!  Monet put on her rain boots and rain coat and walked back and for on our little yard.  I miss the rain and colder weather.  I always forget how warm October is.  It seems like this one is extra warm though.  We stayed in mostly all weekend.  Robby didn't even surf at all.  Poor guy.  I actually got to spend Saturday night with some girlfriends.  It was so nice to hang out with the girls.  We went to Cheesecake Factory, then to a movie.  The movie was so funny, my face hurt after.  I feel so lucky to have good friends.  I'm surprised I even still have friends....having a 3 year old and working, I completely have to neglect relationships.  It really weeds out fair weather friends.   

And...Halloween was a success.  We've been going downtown the last couple years.  It is so fun.  Each shop passes out candy and these people get decked out.  I believe I saw a mini pink flamingo, a toddler Grinch, about a million fairy princesses and ladybugs, the outfits people find are amazing.  There were about 10 different bounce houses up and down Main Street and they were all free.   Monet chose to wear her mermaid costume I made her.  That made me happy because we also got a fluffy fairy princess outfit at the thrift store that she could have worn.  Chris met us down there too.  Another Halloween come and gone.    

Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 years

Yay, happy anniversary to us.   I can't believe it's been two years since we got married.   I love Robby's profile.  I took this at the pumpkin patch.  I think my husband is super handsome.  I'm so impressed with how good he is to Monet.  I fall more in love with him the longer we're together.  When we first started dating, I was surprised at how easy it was.  I found this quote by Johnny Depp's girlfriend.  I feel the same about Robby: 


Asked if she's "tamed" the Pirates of the Caribbean star, whose previous girlfriends include Kate Moss and Winona Ryder, Paradis says: "Tamed. What's that? Like a lion? Noooo, no, we did it to each other. Maybe I'm a good girlfriend because I'm his girlfriend. I'm not sure I'd be a good girlfriend to anyone else; the same for him. It's difficult to explain, but it's something that's natural, obvious and beautiful."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

health insurance

This is a picture of a bank run during the great depression. Of course there were no crowds when people withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe it was millions) from Washington Mutual before it merged with Chase recently. Maybe because most of us do banking online. I have always felt secure with money. I've taken care of myself for so long. When it was just me, I waited tables, substitute taught, then started working at the hospital. When I have Monet, I still wasn't stressed financially. I probably would have been, had I not had the job that I have. I've just lived modestly I guess. Always had roommates so my rent has been minimal, never got a fancy car ( I love my affordable honda civic), and I don't shop like I used to in Sacramento. I give the beach the credit for that. Surfing and playing at the beach is free! And that's what I'd rather be doing than anything else. Lately I have been overwhelmed with stress about money! I feel like I'm walking in thick mud and can't get out sometimes. Most of the reason is that I'm crippled in a way...i'm pregnant and can't surf or run on the beach. So, I've been shopping more....maybe as a way to relieve stress. Not good! Our apartment is super cheap, but it's smaller than small and there's about to be one more little person in it. The main reason I'm going on this tangent is that my employer has again changed our medical coverage for the 3rd year in a row. Now, it's jumping from 160$ per month for Monet & I to 225$ per month! Does that match inflation?!? No! I could pay less for private insurance, but no one will insure me now because I'm pregnant and it's considered a "pre-existing condition." I know that this should not put a huge dent in my wallet...but it annoys me. I'm sure shopping puts a much bigger strain on my budget....but it's almost like an addiction. I used to be WAY worse. Now, I mostly thrift store shop, but still end up spending money that I probably didn't need to.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pumpkin patch

Robby & I took monet to the pumpkin patch last weekend. It's the best one I've ever been to....there's pony's, bumper boats on water, cotton candy, a big bounce house slide and a lot of pumpkins. Monet wanted to wear her mermaid halloween costume I made for her. I was kind of sad when some of the sequens came off, but she had fun with it. The workers were so nice. Monet was skiddish on the ponies and asked the worker if he would hold her hand....the whole ride! He was so nice and walked with her as you can see. We drive by this pumpkin patch everyday on the way to work and monet gets excited each time.

Monday, October 6, 2008

loved the weekend

Robby, Monet and I took a short trip up the coast to Malibu this past weekend. We met up with my cousin Michael, his wife Ann, their super cute/squishy baby Luke, and Uncle Ben and Aunt Sue at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe for brunch.
Robby surfed early at Surfrider,which is on the North side of the Malibu pier. It was beautiful. They have a long right break at this beach.
These pictures aren't in order. This one is from Sunday. We went to Blackies in Newport because Huntington was too big. Robby made a sand slide for Monet. She loved it.
This is Robby just before he got covered up in Newport.
Michael and his baby Luke. This baby is soooo cute. I love him. I was putting my burnt baby book back together in a new scrapbook and there are a lot of pictures of Michael. He is the oldest cousin of mine on my mom's side and I am the second, so we were really close. I used to follow him around and tell people at school, "my cousin knows karate!" I thought he was so cool. I am really lucky to have such an awesome family. I'll try to post some old pictures soon.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Presidential Election 2008

I couldn't sleep the other night because I was thinking about politics. It is a fascinating time right now with our economy on the brink, the US borrowing money from other countries(instead of the other way around), a war going on for the 5th year now.... It makes me angry that this war was was supposedly started to fight terror, but we as the US, haven't been able to control or find the terrorist leaders that are the main threat??!? I have never actually practiced my right to vote. This is not out of laziness, but out of a lack of belief in our government. I look at politicians as educated car salesmen. I think our nation was built on righteous and strong principals, but things have changed. Maybe there's just too many people and too much power. I did register to vote early on in this election. This is the first time I have really felt like it is worth trying to put someone in power that I want to believe in. I'm not registered under any particular party. I took a quiz online and it stated I belong in the Green/Independent party. Here's why I'm voting for Obama:
1. He wants to pull troops out and end this war and has a time line for that. McCain supported Bush in wanting more troops there. McCain wants to "WIN" this war. Sometimes, it's better to step away. Remember Vietnam?
2. Statistics like 60 Afghan children killed by US mistargeted air strike. I want this war to be over!
3. A retired beauty queen with a young family to raise, running for Vice President of the United States of America?!? Are you kidding me!
4. I work in downtown Long Beach in the ghetto. There area a lot of shootings. Unless you are eating what you hunt-give the police the guns.
5. I want my President and Vice President to be smarter than me. Guess what, I have a college degree too, just like Palin. It's not that difficult. But did I graduate from Harvard? McCain was at the bottom of his graduating class!...remind you of anyone? Bush Junior maybe? And Palin has a BA.
6. Even if Obama doesn't do what he says he will, like lower taxes for the middle class, at least he is not blatantly stating he will lower taxes for those making more that $250,000 per year like the other party is.

I recently read an article in Rollingstone, which is usually cynical and one sided, but I liked this little excerpt:
As I watch Obama on the campaign trail, I know I am listening to the same old s*#$, delivered by a candidate who could cross the Atlantic on a bridge constructed entirely from Wall Street cash culled for him by party hacks and insiders. But, I suddenly don't care. It's not just that the alternative is four years of the madman John McCain. It's that, if Obama wins, it will be interesting to find out, at long last, if there really can be something truly different about someone who sounds so much the same.

I just feel the same way as the writer in the article. I don't believe Obama is a saint or any politician is for that matter. I just hope he can do what he says he will. We'll see if he gets a chance to try.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

baby boy

I posted two of these on the palmer.hawaii blog, but added one for this blog. I went to the ultrasound appointment where they measure all the organs and count all the fingers and toes. It was really fun and relieving to know that everything is normal. It's so cool to see the baby moving and wiggling around. With Monet, I thought for sure she would be a boy just because I felt like a boy mom. I'm always outside at every opportunity, running around and I love sports. Now, I'm so used to being a girl mom I kind of feel like-what am I going to do with a boy? I know I'll figure it out, but I'm sure monet will be dressing him up in her girlie clothes and painting his nails like Liz and I did with charlie. I do feel really lucky to be having a boy, so I get to experience both. He is due February 12th.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Monet is in love with mermaids right now. She kept on saying, "I want a tail. I want a tail." I couldn't figure out what she was talking about until she mentioned swimming in the bathtub with her tail. So...I was thinking, maybe I'll get her a mermaid costume for Halloween. I was wanting her to wear last years costume because it still fits..but in a moment of weakness, I found myself near Fabricland. So, Monet and I wondered in and found some great sparkly fabric for a mermaid tail. I then started sewing a little costume by hand. When I got stuck, I decided I couldn't make it work without a sewing, now I have a new Brother sewing machine and an almost finished mermaid costume! I have been wanting a sewing machine for a long time and was planning on waiting until the birthday or christmas, but i decided-who cares-I'll get one now. Sewing is so much fun! I decided I'm going to sew the baby's crib bedding myself too. I can't find anything I really love. I'm pretty scared about starting that project, but I'll read up on it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fords...Fix Or Repair Daily

So, I haven't blogged in soooo long. We went on vacation from August 21st to September 2nd because Monet's daycare was closed. We visited sacramento for 5 days, then spent the rest of the time in Huntington and Robby's parents came down for the last 4 days of the vacation. It was so nice and relaxing. I actually got to take naps and got to sleep in! Monet actually slept in most days until 8ish. I've been back at work for over a week and could not think of anything i really wanted to blog about. We didn't do anything crazy on our vacation and nothing fun had really happened....until Robby's truck broke down. Yes, his mode of transportation for work. I personally would never buy a Ford because of their reliability record OR buy a car new off the lot which he did both of. And the truck was an '03!! I did a lot of research when I bought my 1st car at 18. I bought an Acura and loved it and have stayed with Hondas ever since. Robby had 100,000 miles on his car and his engine died on Thursday.
He shopped around and was planning on buying a new car...until I talked him into buying one that was a few years old with low miles that still had a warranty....and that was more reliable, like a Toyota. We spent all night Tuesday at the dealership and walked away with his 2004 Toyota with 50,000 miles on it and a very good warranty which will probably never be used. It was a steal and we got a good interest rate. His payments are half of what they would be if he would have bought a new car and he doesn't have to pay for the depreciation when you drive a new car off the lot.
Today, I put his Ford on Craig's List and The Recycler and it's already sold! I am seriously shocked! I guess I should have asked more for it...oh well.

Now he's all motivated to work more, so we're getting a computer tonight so he can print out his invoices without having to use his friend's computer...a mac book.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I hope I did this friend Stephanie TAGged me, so I just answered the same questions she had on her blog with goes...PS they aren't in the right order.
the only one I've really had
1st Job?

I was 15, I had to get a work permit. I was an assistant Swim Instructor. I loved it and I got to get a tan. The only thing that sucked was waiting for my mom to pick me up when I couldn't get a ride from a friend. She was always late.

Favorite Food? I only have a few things I can eat over and over again without gettting board. Chunky Monkey is one of them. I really don't love eating...I wish there was a pill that would give us all our nutrients without eating!!

I was named after a Joni Mitchell song...The song “Chelsea Morning” was written and recorded by Joni Mitchell in 1969, and has been recorded by other major artists as well, including Judy Collins and Neil Diamond. Mitchell has said that she wrote the song while living in a small apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan during the 1960’s. The city in NY was named after the original city in England.

Favorite Place?

This is a picture from a contest at San Onofre, CA. I LOVE this beach. It's the ultimate longboard surf break and I've had some of the best days of my life there.

College Degree?

BA in Psychology...maybe one day I'll go back and get a Masters in Counseling...we'll see. I loved studying Psychology. I couldn't get enough of it. I feel so lucky to be able to have used my degree where I work.
Elementary Teaching Credential...I loathed the schooling for this degree AND I still have yet to use it...But, maybe one day when my kids are in school, I'll dust off the certificate and enjoy having Summers off as a teacher and great benefits.

Bad Habit?

I wish I wouldn't take the strait and narrow, when sometimes the path less traveled leads to something better.

Where were you born?

Sacrament, California...There's aclually 6 million trees in the city. That's 6 times as many people that live there. The fall time is beautiful when all the trees change color.

Past Love?

Erasure anyone? I was obsessed! I missed my Senior Prom to go to my 1st Erasure concert....totally worth it. I can sing every word and everyone note of every album...
Favorite animal?

any baby cute.
Favorite color?

It's not easy being green.

Where I want to go?

Spain. I was a week away from buying my ticket to Spain when I found out I was pregnant with Monet. My girlfriend was doing a study abroad there at the time. When I went o Europe, we ran out of money and didn't get to go to Spain. I will get there someday.

Favorite Object?

Not really this board in particular...but I do love this one. I had it made and got to choose the colors and size and everything. The shaper, Tom Mumford, met me at San Onofre once the board was ready. He actually took this picture and e-mailed it to me later.
Where I live?

I'm in love with where I live. The bike trail is right on the beach and I believe it's the longest stretch of beach in California.

What I'm doing now?
A working mom. Not by choice....well, I wish I could work 16 hours a week. When I frist had Monet, my choice was to either live with my parents or move back down to Huntington and work and take care of myself. After living with my mom for 3 months-God bless her-I decided to move back to HB.


Not yet...but I will be this year!! YAY! Some people might be freaked out by this number, but I'm not. The original plan was to go dancing to an 80's themed place, but since I am now pregnant, I don't really want to be seen at any dance venue with a pregnant belly. So, we're going to go to live comedy.
Grandmother's name? I can't believe I found these. I love dearly both of my Grandmothers and they are both alive and well. I was so lucky to have grown up with them in my life. They are both amazing, inspiring women and I love them very much.
Favorite object?
I couldn't get this next to my surfboard...but I would die without my guitar. I keep saying that one year, I'm going to spend my entire tax return and get a super nice Martin or Tayler.

Thanks for TAGging me Steph-it was fun.
I guess I'm supposed to TAG someone else now....How about Lauren, Damaris, and Sierra.
Don't feel bad if you don't do worries.