Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Bunny

Easter was so nice. We died eggs the evening before. Monet dipped them after I drew on them. She started to do the drawing, but it didn't last long after she realized the crayon was clear. So, I took over.

So enthusiastic! Ha ha. I know the picture doesn't capture the excitement, but she really was loving it. Chris & I helped her locate some of the hard to get eggs.

Monet also got a sand bucket/easter basket from Brett, Joey, & Bryon at daycare. In it was a care bear, stickers, and some other treats including one chocolate bunny wrapped in tin foil. They're really good about keeping the sweets to a minimum. We left daycare and I put her in her carseat with her bucket. I had to run back inside to grab a diaper. We were headed to chuckie cheese for a birthday soiree. I get back in the car, head off and peak in the rear view mirror. I see Monet with a flat look on her face, chewing. Her mouth is covered with chocolate and in her right hand is the unwrapped chocolate bunny....slowly melting!! I must have only been out of the care for moments! It was so classic. I was laughing so hard.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

catching up

We met up with Lauren at the beach and her gang. It was so good to see her and her squishy babies. I wanted to kiss Kardiff's cheeks all day. I wish they lived closer so we could play more :( Maybe one day. The waves were too blown out for me, but I was very impressed with Lauren's husband, David. We saw him catch some nice ones.
I love Kaia with the sunglasses upside down. So stylish.
Check out those cheeks. See what I'm talkin' about.
Happy Easter Everyone!! Can't wait to go on a Easter Egg hunt. Thanks Aunt Sue for the bunny ears.
Chris and I rode our bikes to meet the gang. It was so windy, I barely made it, but the wind was behind us on the way back which made it super easy. Even going up hill, I barely had to peddle. My work family, Maurella, Chris, Sheila, & Vicki gave me the bike basket for my last birthday. I love it. Monet's realy too big for the seat, but it's so convenient, I don't want to switch to the trailer. I got the seat on Craig's List when Monet was sooo little. The moment I put her in it was so liberating because so many things I used to do before Monet, I really couldn't do anymore. Riding bikes is so fun.
I love Grandma Carol. She came down a couple weekends ago with Uncle Ben, Aunt Sue, Michael & Ann. It was so fun to see everyone. I took Grandma to Sunset Beach to show her where we got married. I miss her all the time. We ate at Sparks downtown to celebrate Grandma's Birthday. The food was so yummy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

San Clemente State Beach

I looked up the weather for this weekend and it should be beautiful; sunny skies with temperatures lingering in the 70's. hello. So, I texted Robby: Let's camp this weekend!

I've been wanting to camp at San Clemente State Beach forever! Unfortunately, we have prior commitments this weekend, but maybe next...if the weather pulls through. If anyone wants to join us, please do. I love the view at San Clemente State Beach. I tried to find a picture, but all I found was one of the pier. The camp site is amazing! It's perched on a cliff that looks over uninterrupted ocean. And the surf in uncrowded and perfect. How is this so, you might ask?? I think because the paddle might be too far from Trustles and the camp ground is small.
I plan on camping a lot in the upcoming warm months. We went to Baja last Summer and leaving Monet was too traumatic...for me that is. It was fun and exciting and exploring is always great.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I love surf art. I found this online. I took out my green 9'0'' Sunday. It was so fun. I hadn't ridden it in a while. When I first hopped-up it was so wobbly. I thought I would fall off, but I balanced out. It was faster than I remembered. Such a great board.
I found an old journal this weekend. I last wrote in it in '04. It was so great to read what was going on and how I felt at that time. I feel like I really got to know myself and feel comforatble in my skin around that time. I was suprized at how much I was surfing. One entry wrote how great it was that I had surfed for at least 3 hrs a day for 3 weeks strait!! what a life. Life is a little different, but just as sweet. I also found some quotes I had kept. This is one of my favorites:
Re-examine all you have been told...Dismiss what insults your soul.-Walt Whitman

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Robby pulled a card out of his back pocket last night. It was a business card from a photographer who said he had taken some pictures of him while surfing. Then he said, "I still have the card from a couple months ago too..." I guess some chick had taken pictures of us months ago and I didn't know about it. I looked hers up & this is the only one of me I could find. Looks like I'm barely getting into a tiny wave. I couldn't get into the website to see the other pics, but I'll try on a different computer. The green barrel is Huntington, but no one I know is in it....I just thought it was beautiful. Can't wait to surf again. Hopefully this weekend. luv chelsea

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Don't know why Monet's picture is so tiny....Most pictures are from Christmas time. There were major off shore winds that day. Not really my favorite conditions, but fun for robby. I don;t really like getting sand blasted in the face with salt water, but that's just me. haha.

This is my best friend, Chris and I, getting ready to go out at San Onofre. It's heaven on earth. Hands down the longest rides, best atmosphere, and i especially enjoy the bamboo showers along the beach.

Virgin Blogger

So, I really signed-up for this so I could add comments to the Palmer blog. Everytime I visit their blog, I feel like I'm visitng them. I love it and I miss them. I just met Da for the fist time when I picked them up from the airport....I love baby Enzo...He is so cute. I was super happy chris and robby got to surf together...only bummed I didn't get to go-I had to work. Robby still brags that Chris is the only person he's surfed with that has caught more waves than him and it wasn't even his break. I want to bring robby to hawaii soon, so we can surf there. We went camping in Baja last summer. It was so fun to explore somewhere we had both never been. The surf was pretty fun, but really we know all the breaks in Huntington Beach and the surroundign areas, so we're kind of spoiled. I almost had to come back home the 1st night. I had the worst seperation anxiety with Monet. I couldn't stop crying and robby talked me into staying for atleast 1 night. Then, that turned into 4.
It's also so great to read how Jesse & Becka and the girls are doing, and our Stanford girl, Martinez crew, Kaity & danny and the boys, the Oahu kids.... and ofcourse the sactown family too. I feel so lucky to be in our family.
I just recorded one ofmy songs with our neighbor. He has a little studio thing going. I'll try to attach it and some pictures too.
Lots of Love-Chelsea