Wednesday, March 19, 2008

catching up

We met up with Lauren at the beach and her gang. It was so good to see her and her squishy babies. I wanted to kiss Kardiff's cheeks all day. I wish they lived closer so we could play more :( Maybe one day. The waves were too blown out for me, but I was very impressed with Lauren's husband, David. We saw him catch some nice ones.
I love Kaia with the sunglasses upside down. So stylish.
Check out those cheeks. See what I'm talkin' about.
Happy Easter Everyone!! Can't wait to go on a Easter Egg hunt. Thanks Aunt Sue for the bunny ears.
Chris and I rode our bikes to meet the gang. It was so windy, I barely made it, but the wind was behind us on the way back which made it super easy. Even going up hill, I barely had to peddle. My work family, Maurella, Chris, Sheila, & Vicki gave me the bike basket for my last birthday. I love it. Monet's realy too big for the seat, but it's so convenient, I don't want to switch to the trailer. I got the seat on Craig's List when Monet was sooo little. The moment I put her in it was so liberating because so many things I used to do before Monet, I really couldn't do anymore. Riding bikes is so fun.
I love Grandma Carol. She came down a couple weekends ago with Uncle Ben, Aunt Sue, Michael & Ann. It was so fun to see everyone. I took Grandma to Sunset Beach to show her where we got married. I miss her all the time. We ate at Sparks downtown to celebrate Grandma's Birthday. The food was so yummy.


lauren said...

yeah i love this post! i was so glad you could meet up with us. i miss you guys and someday we will be neighbors again!

Jeff & Emily said...

Hey there Chelsea, Emily was surfing blogs and found you. It was good to see what you are up to. It seems that you are having fun living life. drop me a line sometime. Say Hi to "Char" and Andy for me. -Jeff

Karen said...

chelsea, i love your blog. very appealing and attractive. i'll show mimi sometime. we only blog at the bouchers. love you. and monet and robby too. loved your letter(s). you're good to write to us.

Jesse said...

Hey, I just realized a little while ago you had a blog and finally had time to flip though and catch up. Good stuff. Good to see someone is surfing, although I did finally go out yesterday for the first time since fall. You can see picts at my blog. The girls still talk about you and want to go back to california. We are talking about a big sur surf expedition once we get back. Maybe sept. Shelly might come out an visit. We are pretty excited. We think they will really like it.