Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Bunny

Easter was so nice. We died eggs the evening before. Monet dipped them after I drew on them. She started to do the drawing, but it didn't last long after she realized the crayon was clear. So, I took over.

So enthusiastic! Ha ha. I know the picture doesn't capture the excitement, but she really was loving it. Chris & I helped her locate some of the hard to get eggs.

Monet also got a sand bucket/easter basket from Brett, Joey, & Bryon at daycare. In it was a care bear, stickers, and some other treats including one chocolate bunny wrapped in tin foil. They're really good about keeping the sweets to a minimum. We left daycare and I put her in her carseat with her bucket. I had to run back inside to grab a diaper. We were headed to chuckie cheese for a birthday soiree. I get back in the car, head off and peak in the rear view mirror. I see Monet with a flat look on her face, chewing. Her mouth is covered with chocolate and in her right hand is the unwrapped chocolate bunny....slowly melting!! I must have only been out of the care for moments! It was so classic. I was laughing so hard.

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Ag - Pt - Fe said...

Where is the photo of Monet with the devoured choco bunny?