Tuesday, March 18, 2008

San Clemente State Beach

I looked up the weather for this weekend and it should be beautiful; sunny skies with temperatures lingering in the 70's. hello. So, I texted Robby: Let's camp this weekend!

I've been wanting to camp at San Clemente State Beach forever! Unfortunately, we have prior commitments this weekend, but maybe next...if the weather pulls through. If anyone wants to join us, please do. I love the view at San Clemente State Beach. I tried to find a picture, but all I found was one of the pier. The camp site is amazing! It's perched on a cliff that looks over uninterrupted ocean. And the surf in uncrowded and perfect. How is this so, you might ask?? I think because the paddle might be too far from Trustles and the camp ground is small.
I plan on camping a lot in the upcoming warm months. We went to Baja last Summer and leaving Monet was too traumatic...for me that is. It was fun and exciting and exploring is always great.

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