Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Virgin Blogger

So, I really signed-up for this so I could add comments to the Palmer blog. Everytime I visit their blog, I feel like I'm visitng them. I love it and I miss them. I just met Da for the fist time when I picked them up from the airport....I love baby Enzo...He is so cute. I was super happy chris and robby got to surf together...only bummed I didn't get to go-I had to work. Robby still brags that Chris is the only person he's surfed with that has caught more waves than him and it wasn't even his break. I want to bring robby to hawaii soon, so we can surf there. We went camping in Baja last summer. It was so fun to explore somewhere we had both never been. The surf was pretty fun, but really we know all the breaks in Huntington Beach and the surroundign areas, so we're kind of spoiled. I almost had to come back home the 1st night. I had the worst seperation anxiety with Monet. I couldn't stop crying and robby talked me into staying for atleast 1 night. Then, that turned into 4.
It's also so great to read how Jesse & Becka and the girls are doing, and our Stanford girl, Martinez crew, Kaity & danny and the boys, the Oahu kids.... and ofcourse the sactown family too. I feel so lucky to be in our family.
I just recorded one ofmy songs with our neighbor. He has a little studio thing going. I'll try to attach it and some pictures too.
Lots of Love-Chelsea


Damaris said...

woah, you just started this and you already have a sweet layout. I posted your blog on our blog BUT feel free to also add to the Palmer and Friends blog. Just send me your e-mail so that I can add you to our list. When are you guys coming to visit us? Christian has been catching some good waves. It seems like a fun place to surf (I wouldn't know) but it's the perfect place to watch because everything is so close. If you come you'll see what I'm talking about. welcome to the blogging world, beware that it's addictive.

Yesenia said...

CHELSEA! welcome to the blogging world, it is good to have you on! i miss you! monet looks GORGEOUS (just like her mommy). i hope i can see you this summer! hope all is well! tell robby and monet i said hi! love you!

chuck said...

I am really board at work, sick pictures!