Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Save Trestles and San Onofre

We were at the beach a couple weekends ago with some of our friends when one of them asked me, "Do you ever get mad?" I guess we mostly just see eachother at the beach and she never sees my angry side. I thought about it for a minute. This is what I get mad about: Toll Roads being built through beautiful California beaches like San Onofre and Trestles!!! The California Coastal Comission already voted against this when hundreds of people came to protest the toll road. However, The Transportation Corridor Agency asked the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to override the California Coastal Commission's denial of the road!! GRRRR! This toll road is so pointless. They already have toll road 73 nearby they say is "losing money" and hardly anyone rides on it. So, why build a new road? We need to condense road transportation NOT build more roads for more SUVs to drive on! If anything, they should be building an under ground METRO like everyother huge major city has! Anyways, if you want to help take action against this road....it is very easy. Just got to http://www.surfrider.org/ and click on "take action." You can then email a pre-scripted letter to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

charlie and Mariah

Liz sent me some awesome pictures of Charlie and Mariah....I love Charlie's music. Sometimes I can't get it out of my head. The lyrics are amazing and the beats are crazy. I feel really bad because when we were kids I used to beat charlie up. What a mean big sister. I think out of all of us kids, we look the most alike. Just the shape of our faces. We have Grandpa Roland's smile and his temper....but we also got his adventurous spirit, love of family, creativity....all that good stuff too. One of my co-workers refers to my brother as "Saint Charles of Folsom" because of all the funny stories I tell about him. Love you charles andrew. Hopefully Mariah will put some of her RAD art on this blog....coming soon to a blog near you..Love you Mariah

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Liz sent me these pictures of the boys. They are soooo cute. I miss them so much. Liz is like a professional photographer! I'm sure this is in my parent's backyard/jungle. Cute squishy Bordie: Logan and a pirate cake. Aaaargh!
How handsome is Logan?!? He's so grown up.

Sqish-a-licious Brodie:

swim class

Waiting for class to start... We started swim class last week. It is so fun. Monet loves it. It's at the city gym and it's a parent and child class. Robby & I switch off going in the pool with her. The first day, after the class ended, she started screaming beacause she wanted to stay in so badly.
Dady loves Monet

Friday, April 4, 2008

seal beach dawn patrol

Seal Beach Jetty: Super fun loooong long board waves.

Christopher, my bro at work is starting to surf. I'm so excited. He asked me last night if I would surf this morning with him....yes please. So, Robby & I met him at Seal Beach at 7am after I took Monet to daycare. It was so fun to get in the water. This is how awesome Robby is. I needed a waterproof watch so I could stay out as long as possible before going to work. He went and picked one up for me on his way to lock up the church! AND it's pink too....i love him.
Robby had just caught a wave, Christopher & I look back and see a dolphin surfing a wave and flip over on his side!! It was amazing to see a dolphin enjoying the surf as much as we were. The best part was, it was getting down to the wire with a few minutes to paddle in. A perfect wave came right to me. It was a good size too. Robby said he could only see the top of my head as I surfed it in.
Moral of the story- the best way to start the day: changing into your work clothes under your towel in the parking lot after dawn patrol.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

running on the beach

I finally worked out this morning-YAY!! Last night I was so tired. I don't feel obese, but I felt like my fat was trying to take over my body like a disease and make me super tired and lazy...either that OR I work too much, get too little sleep, and try to spend every extra second giving quality time to Monet...maybe that's why i'm tired:)
I decided I just have to force myself to do it. I went running down to the beach, did squat jumps up the stairs, came back and did weights and crunchies. I LOVE working out.

Inspirational running photo:
Inspirational surfing picture:
This is Robby & I in 30 years!
I found this while looking for something else. Love vintage surf photos: