Friday, April 4, 2008

seal beach dawn patrol

Seal Beach Jetty: Super fun loooong long board waves.

Christopher, my bro at work is starting to surf. I'm so excited. He asked me last night if I would surf this morning with him....yes please. So, Robby & I met him at Seal Beach at 7am after I took Monet to daycare. It was so fun to get in the water. This is how awesome Robby is. I needed a waterproof watch so I could stay out as long as possible before going to work. He went and picked one up for me on his way to lock up the church! AND it's pink too....i love him.
Robby had just caught a wave, Christopher & I look back and see a dolphin surfing a wave and flip over on his side!! It was amazing to see a dolphin enjoying the surf as much as we were. The best part was, it was getting down to the wire with a few minutes to paddle in. A perfect wave came right to me. It was a good size too. Robby said he could only see the top of my head as I surfed it in.
Moral of the story- the best way to start the day: changing into your work clothes under your towel in the parking lot after dawn patrol.

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