Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Save Trestles and San Onofre

We were at the beach a couple weekends ago with some of our friends when one of them asked me, "Do you ever get mad?" I guess we mostly just see eachother at the beach and she never sees my angry side. I thought about it for a minute. This is what I get mad about: Toll Roads being built through beautiful California beaches like San Onofre and Trestles!!! The California Coastal Comission already voted against this when hundreds of people came to protest the toll road. However, The Transportation Corridor Agency asked the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to override the California Coastal Commission's denial of the road!! GRRRR! This toll road is so pointless. They already have toll road 73 nearby they say is "losing money" and hardly anyone rides on it. So, why build a new road? We need to condense road transportation NOT build more roads for more SUVs to drive on! If anything, they should be building an under ground METRO like everyother huge major city has! Anyways, if you want to help take action against this road....it is very easy. Just got to http://www.surfrider.org/ and click on "take action." You can then email a pre-scripted letter to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.


Cindy Crawford, Long Beach CA said...

No Toll Road, I agree!!! I encourage everyone who cares to get involved--it's easy and it doesn't take much time. Sign an email letter. Attend the next public hearing, should there be another one. Get all your friends & family to do the same. Links to the email petition websites and current Save Trestles info can be found at www.caopenspace.org/action.html
We must win or all our coastal areas and state parks will be at risk! Thx!!!

Cindy Crawford, Long Beach CA said...

Regarding the TCA's appeal to US Sec of Commerce in attempt to overturn the Calif Coastal Commission's ruling against the toll road...

New public hearing on July 25th, 2008 at UCI Bren Center in Irvine. This is the most important event in the Save Trestles effort...we need as many toll road opposers as possible to attend this hearing! Please tell a friend and attend if possible.
webmaster, www.caopenspace.org