Thursday, May 29, 2008

House Update

Just to give an update. My parents will be renting a house near their old one...they have really good insurance-YAY! So, all of their needs are being met. My mom told me about all the selfless things their friends and family have done...tons of food and people bringing over things they could use. The thing that has made me the most happy-Brian(my brother-in-law) went back to the house yesterday and reached in through one of the busted out window to try to get some of the picture albums. He found a few that were salvagable and one of them was my baby album!! They had to seperate the pictures immediately so they wouldn;t ruin, but most of the album is ok. That made me so happy!! But, the parents are doing good and Charlie and Mariah just arrived at my door step at 1230am. I'm so stoked to have them here. They came down because they felt there was nothing for them we get to play! We are camping Friday and Saturday at San Clemente State Beach if anyone's interested.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mother Nature

I drove to work today and I haven't stopped thinking about what happened to my family's home. Of course I first was so greatful that everyone was alive and unharmed. Liz and Brian were at a lunch with the boys, Mariah was at Boarders, Charlie was at a meeting and mom and dad got out just in time. Then, I stated thinking about all the pictures and memories. I started thinking of exactly where certain things were in the house; what it felt like to stand somewhere in the house and look out the window. I thought about my first baby picture in the hospital and some pictures with cousins and home videos of when we were little. It made me really sad that my parents would be sad. Charlie's music studio in his room, Mariah's art, the kind of stuff you use everyday but buy little by little. The truth is I hated that house. It was the reason I had to leave all my friends and move to a new town; one that I didn't like. There was so much anxiety and worry over IF my parents could actually afford it when we first moved in. It ended up costing more than they thought and of course there were a lot of arguments because of the financial strain. That's why I hated the house. Because of that, I've always loved small cozy houses...mostly affordable one :)

On my way to work, thinking about all these things, I glanced over at the calm ocean surface. It was glassy, tinted with blues and pinks. Mother nature at it's best. We have this beautiful earth that gives us everything we love and it can take it away. Not just the material things, but our bodies too. The only things that are really ours are our mind and soul. This fire just reiterates that to me. It makes me want to be with my friends and family and enjoy every minute with them. It makes me want to experience things rather than own them. There's a great line from a jack johnson song:

It will teach you to love what you’re afraid of after it takes away all that you learn to love.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Long Beach & new big girl bed

This is Spring time in Long Beach. I was running an errand for lunch and these blossoms caught my eye. What a beautiful street. Sometimes I just want to drive around and take pictures of architecture and landscapes around town. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such great things to look at.
Monet is finally in a big girl bed. I tried to make the switch a few months ago and even posted her crib on Craig's List, but I found myself not answering phone calls to avoid selling the crib. I just wasn't ready and was having such anxiety about moving her to a big bed. So, I waited a while and after she potty trained, it just felt like time. I found this bed on Craig's List and my friend/co-worker Christopher & I took a road trip out to Van Nuys to pick it up. Robby painted it yesterday. It turned out soooo cute. The only thing it needs is a bed skirt.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Grandma Charlene

(waiting in line at San Onofre on the bluff)

Grandma Charlene flew down last weekend for a quick visit. Monet LOVES her! My mom sings continuously to her and Monet will say, "sing another song." She spoils us when she comes down from Sacramento. Robby and I got to go on a date to the movies when she was here. I'm so neurotic, the whole time I was so worried about her because we really never leave her with anyone. She already spends so much time at daycare. Ofcourse she was fine. It was so nice to have some alone time with Robby on our date. Thank you mom.

My mom and I got our nails and toes done. Love the red with our army beach blanket in the background. Our neighbor, Nick, gave us this blanket. It is the coolest most durable blanket ever.
Char wanted to see San Clemente, so we took her to our favorite look out at San Clemente State Beach & Campground. It's so beautiful. If you ever want to camp in Southern California, this is the spot.
My mom brought Monet this little crocheted top that a neighbor made for me when I was little. Monet asked about Grandma Charlene for days after she left, "Where Grandma Charlene?" Can't wait to see her this summer.

Friday, May 16, 2008

El Capitan!!

Just to give a shout out..We are going to see th movie "Wall E" with all the kids at the El Capitan in Hollywood on Saturday, June 28th at 4pm. We are buying tickets ASAP to secure a seat. Let me know if you want in. Tickets will be 18$ for VIP group tickets IF you want to be a part of our pre-group order. They are 26$ without the group discount for VIP and 16$ for regular tickets. The VIP tickets come with popcorn, drinks, and toxic candy as well as not waiting in line and reserved seats. Also, there is a live disney show before the movie. YAY!!

To check it out online:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Potty Trained!

We are officially potty trained-excluding nap and bedtime. Potty training has been a stuggle for me. I first bought a little potty chair probably over 7 months ago. Monet went twice on it right away, then refused after that. We put little training pants on her and she peed all over the couch 2 or 3 times. We would take the cushons apart and wash them-such a pain. I figured she wasn't ready. Finally, I read some how-to stuff online and asked a few people for tricks that worked for them and we figured it out. I thought for sure I would have to take time off work, but she did it so quickly. I think she was just ready. Literally we started on like a Wednesday night, encouraging her, putting her in big girl undies, using the gumball machine (with m&ms), and stickers on her chart. We went all out. Then, all weekend we took the potty chair to the beach and let her run around in her undies at home. I am just amazed and so excited! Thank you Liz and Devon for your advice on the potty training! It seriously helped me a lot. (naked Monet after her tub-how cute!)
I looked everywhere for this. I actually never give Monet candy! I shop at the health food store, buy organic food, and try to give her food that is minimally processed-but I could care less at this point. Whatever works...and it did! Anytime she actually goes to the bathroom, she gets an m&m. If she sits and tries, she gets a sticker for her potty chart. Here she is putting a sticker on her chart. So cute.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

I really did have a perfect mother's day.....thanks to Robby. I love him so much. I feel so lucky to have him as my husband. Our relationship is definitely not perfect, but when things come up, we work through them and we're stronger because of it. I woke up so annoyed on Sunday (Mother's Day) and I couldn't figure it out. I got in the water and couldn't figure out the waves. I was on the wrong board, my leash came undone TWICE! So, i had to swim into get it..But I hung in there and caught atleast 4 great waves that were fast and steep. I figured out what was making me annoyed. It was so stupid, but I was thinking about Mother's Day-The ONE day out of 365 that we get treated special or thanked and Dads offer to do things they don't normally do. 365 days of working so hard for one day of special treatment. I just felt like saying don't bother; I'll just work hard on this day too! But, I was cleaning my car during Monet's nap and this long haired beach bum comes riding by on his bicycle in only his surf trunks, white beard, way too dark of a tan to have a real job and he waves at me, "happy mother's day." It was like he was the mother's day fairy and I realized just then how good it felt to be loved on this day.
Robby took us to breakfast after my surf session where we met up with Chris. He watched Monet so I could surf as long as I wanted. He got me beautiful orchids and a card from him and Monet. He bought me a new leash and washed my car after I finished with the inside. Plus he was super sweet and loving all day and made sure I felt appreciated. I love being Monet's Mom.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Surf Lesson

This is Monet's first surf lesson. I think it was fun, but she was scared. Anyways, this was about a month ago in Newport at Blackies. She just grew out of this wetsuit. She was wearing it last week and our friend noticed it was cutting the circulation off of her squishy arm-so sad. She's getting so tall!! So, we bought her a new little one already. Chris took these with her phone I think, then e-mailed them to me, so they're grainy. This is actually the best place to learn because the waves can be so small and mellow.