Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Surf Lesson

This is Monet's first surf lesson. I think it was fun, but she was scared. Anyways, this was about a month ago in Newport at Blackies. She just grew out of this wetsuit. She was wearing it last week and our friend noticed it was cutting the circulation off of her squishy arm-so sad. She's getting so tall!! So, we bought her a new little one already. Chris took these with her phone I think, then e-mailed them to me, so they're grainy. This is actually the best place to learn because the waves can be so small and mellow.


Damaris said...

cutie! we'll take the one that doesn't fit her anymore. we've been looking for one for enzo.

chelsea said...

It's already been handed down to our friends little girl :( I found a couple for Monet when she was smaller at goodwill.