Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Grandma Charlene

(waiting in line at San Onofre on the bluff)

Grandma Charlene flew down last weekend for a quick visit. Monet LOVES her! My mom sings continuously to her and Monet will say, "sing another song." She spoils us when she comes down from Sacramento. Robby and I got to go on a date to the movies when she was here. I'm so neurotic, the whole time I was so worried about her because we really never leave her with anyone. She already spends so much time at daycare. Ofcourse she was fine. It was so nice to have some alone time with Robby on our date. Thank you mom.

My mom and I got our nails and toes done. Love the red with our army beach blanket in the background. Our neighbor, Nick, gave us this blanket. It is the coolest most durable blanket ever.
Char wanted to see San Clemente, so we took her to our favorite look out at San Clemente State Beach & Campground. It's so beautiful. If you ever want to camp in Southern California, this is the spot.
My mom brought Monet this little crocheted top that a neighbor made for me when I was little. Monet asked about Grandma Charlene for days after she left, "Where Grandma Charlene?" Can't wait to see her this summer.


Damaris said...

Monet looks like a doll. We are going to SoCal in the end of June. Can't wait to see you and give Monet a big hug. I want to get my nails done with you. I LOVE the red. You guys should come camping with us to Yosemite in the middle of June. Danny and Kaity, Sienna and Tony and Pammy are coming. You could spend some time in Santa Cruz and surf with Chris. I can watch Monet and Enzo at the beach.

Yesenia said...

don't forget about me! chels, it has been WAY too long since i've seen you. AND i have never met monet!