Thursday, May 29, 2008

House Update

Just to give an update. My parents will be renting a house near their old one...they have really good insurance-YAY! So, all of their needs are being met. My mom told me about all the selfless things their friends and family have done...tons of food and people bringing over things they could use. The thing that has made me the most happy-Brian(my brother-in-law) went back to the house yesterday and reached in through one of the busted out window to try to get some of the picture albums. He found a few that were salvagable and one of them was my baby album!! They had to seperate the pictures immediately so they wouldn;t ruin, but most of the album is ok. That made me so happy!! But, the parents are doing good and Charlie and Mariah just arrived at my door step at 1230am. I'm so stoked to have them here. They came down because they felt there was nothing for them we get to play! We are camping Friday and Saturday at San Clemente State Beach if anyone's interested.

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Damaris said...

Is there anything Liz and the kids need? I don't have their number. can you send it to me?