Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mother Nature

I drove to work today and I haven't stopped thinking about what happened to my family's home. Of course I first was so greatful that everyone was alive and unharmed. Liz and Brian were at a lunch with the boys, Mariah was at Boarders, Charlie was at a meeting and mom and dad got out just in time. Then, I stated thinking about all the pictures and memories. I started thinking of exactly where certain things were in the house; what it felt like to stand somewhere in the house and look out the window. I thought about my first baby picture in the hospital and some pictures with cousins and home videos of when we were little. It made me really sad that my parents would be sad. Charlie's music studio in his room, Mariah's art, the kind of stuff you use everyday but buy little by little. The truth is I hated that house. It was the reason I had to leave all my friends and move to a new town; one that I didn't like. There was so much anxiety and worry over IF my parents could actually afford it when we first moved in. It ended up costing more than they thought and of course there were a lot of arguments because of the financial strain. That's why I hated the house. Because of that, I've always loved small cozy houses...mostly affordable one :)

On my way to work, thinking about all these things, I glanced over at the calm ocean surface. It was glassy, tinted with blues and pinks. Mother nature at it's best. We have this beautiful earth that gives us everything we love and it can take it away. Not just the material things, but our bodies too. The only things that are really ours are our mind and soul. This fire just reiterates that to me. It makes me want to be with my friends and family and enjoy every minute with them. It makes me want to experience things rather than own them. There's a great line from a jack johnson song:

It will teach you to love what you’re afraid of after it takes away all that you learn to love.


Stephanie said...

Chelsea, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your family home. I cannot imagine what your family is going through. Wishing you all the best!

(Holly shared your blog with me, I hope you don't mind!)

Damaris said...

good thoughts! I want to help your family. Any ideas on what we can do from far away?

lauren said...

wow! thats so crazy chels.... im so sorry, can we help in any way? are they in need or certain things? i get lots and lots of old furniture and things from the foreclosed houses i deal with for work, i can keep my eye out for any good stuff?

Crosby Family said...

I am so sad about your parents house!! When we heard I thought someone was joking...I am glad that no one got hurt though. All of those memories and pictures...so sad!! Let them know we are thinking of them and keeping them in our thoughts and prayers! Love ya! ~dev