Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

I really did have a perfect mother's day.....thanks to Robby. I love him so much. I feel so lucky to have him as my husband. Our relationship is definitely not perfect, but when things come up, we work through them and we're stronger because of it. I woke up so annoyed on Sunday (Mother's Day) and I couldn't figure it out. I got in the water and couldn't figure out the waves. I was on the wrong board, my leash came undone TWICE! So, i had to swim into get it..But I hung in there and caught atleast 4 great waves that were fast and steep. I figured out what was making me annoyed. It was so stupid, but I was thinking about Mother's Day-The ONE day out of 365 that we get treated special or thanked and Dads offer to do things they don't normally do. 365 days of working so hard for one day of special treatment. I just felt like saying don't bother; I'll just work hard on this day too! But, I was cleaning my car during Monet's nap and this long haired beach bum comes riding by on his bicycle in only his surf trunks, white beard, way too dark of a tan to have a real job and he waves at me, "happy mother's day." It was like he was the mother's day fairy and I realized just then how good it felt to be loved on this day.
Robby took us to breakfast after my surf session where we met up with Chris. He watched Monet so I could surf as long as I wanted. He got me beautiful orchids and a card from him and Monet. He bought me a new leash and washed my car after I finished with the inside. Plus he was super sweet and loving all day and made sure I felt appreciated. I love being Monet's Mom.


lauren said...

im glad your day picked up, i wish i could have gone surfing! its been TOOOO long. not fair. chels. i want you to know you are an amazing womand and a really great mom. over the last couple weeks while dave has been working out of town i have got a glimpse of what it is like to be a single mother, at times i have thought to myself how amazing and strong you were and you did it all by yourself! you(and monet) are so lucky to have robby and your little family is so cute. im happy you dont have to deal with those hard times anymore. i love you guys!

Damaris said...

I LOVED this post. I totally agree with everything you said. Mother's day can be hard. My sister is single mom and it was always hard for her. You are lucky to have Robby and Monet. Happy late mother's day. keep up the good work and PLEASE share your potty training tricks.

Pamela Palmer said...

Remember the time I got mooned by the UCSB rugby team on mother's day? I was strolling one of the kids to church on the bike path by the field where they practiced. Boy did I feel special!