Tuesday, June 3, 2008


so, we finally made it camping. Third time's a charm. We went to San Clemente first and they already gave away their cancellations. San Mateo, which is usually a sure thing, had a big party coming in. So, we settled down at trails aka the San Onofre Bluffs. The camp site was perfect. It's perched on a bluff that overlooks the ocean. You have to hike down very steep stairs to get to the beach. My calves are still sore-I'm beyond out of shape. Monet actually made it up and down each day without being carried. The three amigos eating some camping junk food. They actually do love eachother. Monet always asks where "Ryand" and "Baby Kenzie" are when we go to the beach.
We stopped at San Onofre on the way home. This was my favorite day. The beach is so convenient. We just backed-up our truck to the sand, put an easy-up out and chilled in the shade.
I would love to have VW bus!

Jim and Robby

Monet and Ryland playing in the tent.
Could we possibly have any more stuff!!
Chuck, Christopher & Maurella came Friday night. Robby, me, Mariah, Charlie, and Monet arrived earlier, set up camp and had a quick surf session. Charlie actually caught a wave too. It was so nice to sit around the warm campfire, play songs on the guitar, and roast marshmellows.
Baby Makenzie and Maurella.

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Stephanie said...

We love camping,so I am loving all your tips on good camping spots! Mostly we stay up north, but if we ever go down that way, I will know where to go!