Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mariah & Charlie & a new haircut

mariah and Charlie came down to visit right after the fire. It was so nice to have them here although I did have to work most of the time they were visiting. But, I don't think they minded; they were out on the town mostly. They got to buy some of the basics they needed. Charlie flew home mid trip and then flew back to drive home with Mariah and I looked at his suitcase and said, "everything you own fits into that suitcase huh?" He laughed and said, "ya." Monet loved Charlie! I think because he was so soft spoken with her. Monet would follow him around and hold his hand. It was so sweet.

Monet got her first hair cut. I think it looks very cute! Robby was so mad I cut it. I think that's really funny. He was so attached to her long hair. I loved it too, but it was pretty much to her waist and I would have to condition it every night, comb out the tangles and either braid it or put it up every morning. Way too much work. So, this is much easier.

This is actually Monet pretending to play the guitar with her blow-up toy. I don' tknow where she got this from, but she does it a lot. "Look, I play the guitar."


Kaity DeMartini said...

I think Monet is a tiny Chelsea. She is so cute. I can't believe she just got her first haircut. I guess it's different with girls. I am debating right now about whether to cut all of Zeke's hair off or not.

Pamela Palmer said...

she is cute cute cute. charlie too.