Thursday, July 3, 2008

I love ani difranco

One of my favorite things I used to do in singledom was to go to concerts. I went to my 1st concert at 12 & I was hooked ever since. I love live music. I used to play open mikes around Orange County and met some amazing, creative, & talented people. I think I've written one song since I had Monet. I guess I'm overworked and over tired and it leaves me unmotivated to be creative. For me, writing music and other creative things like painting, never just popped into my head. It's always a slow process. I'll think of a subject or think of a melody or an image for a while. I just want the final product to really be something I love or am proud of. I definitely find inspiration from good music or art or a good book. One of my favorite musicians is Ani Difranco. I first got into her maybe 8 or 9 years ago. She is inspiring to me for so many reasons. She writes her own music. She refused to conform to a big record label, so she made her own label...and has done really well with it. She is an awesome musician-she kills it on the guitar and hits every note vocally. She got her huge following by putting out a ton of good music and doing a ton of shows.
I finally got to see her live last Friday at the House of Blues in Anahiem. The show was sold out & it was amazing. Her band is mostly her and her acoustic/electric guitar with a base cellist, a drummer(that didn''t over power) and a xylophone. Even robby loved it and he doesn't know her music at all. I was so inspired after the show. I think I'm on the verge of really changing some things in my life.


Damaris said...

I went to an Ani Difranco concert when i was 9 months pregnant. It was such an amazing experience. I felt like I wanted to be the most kick @$$ mom in the world. She's so inspiring. I like blasting her music. It gives me energy.

all that to say that I am green with envy that you went to her concert.

ps. Bekah, kaity and I got tickets to the Jack Johnson concert in Irvine on August 29th. Chris and Jesse are on baby duty. you should COME!!! buy a ticket and leave Monet with her cousins I'm sure Jesse and Chris wouldn't mind having her over.

Damaris said...