Thursday, August 14, 2008


I hope I did this friend Stephanie TAGged me, so I just answered the same questions she had on her blog with goes...PS they aren't in the right order.
the only one I've really had
1st Job?

I was 15, I had to get a work permit. I was an assistant Swim Instructor. I loved it and I got to get a tan. The only thing that sucked was waiting for my mom to pick me up when I couldn't get a ride from a friend. She was always late.

Favorite Food? I only have a few things I can eat over and over again without gettting board. Chunky Monkey is one of them. I really don't love eating...I wish there was a pill that would give us all our nutrients without eating!!

I was named after a Joni Mitchell song...The song “Chelsea Morning” was written and recorded by Joni Mitchell in 1969, and has been recorded by other major artists as well, including Judy Collins and Neil Diamond. Mitchell has said that she wrote the song while living in a small apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan during the 1960’s. The city in NY was named after the original city in England.

Favorite Place?

This is a picture from a contest at San Onofre, CA. I LOVE this beach. It's the ultimate longboard surf break and I've had some of the best days of my life there.

College Degree?

BA in Psychology...maybe one day I'll go back and get a Masters in Counseling...we'll see. I loved studying Psychology. I couldn't get enough of it. I feel so lucky to be able to have used my degree where I work.
Elementary Teaching Credential...I loathed the schooling for this degree AND I still have yet to use it...But, maybe one day when my kids are in school, I'll dust off the certificate and enjoy having Summers off as a teacher and great benefits.

Bad Habit?

I wish I wouldn't take the strait and narrow, when sometimes the path less traveled leads to something better.

Where were you born?

Sacrament, California...There's aclually 6 million trees in the city. That's 6 times as many people that live there. The fall time is beautiful when all the trees change color.

Past Love?

Erasure anyone? I was obsessed! I missed my Senior Prom to go to my 1st Erasure concert....totally worth it. I can sing every word and everyone note of every album...
Favorite animal?

any baby cute.
Favorite color?

It's not easy being green.

Where I want to go?

Spain. I was a week away from buying my ticket to Spain when I found out I was pregnant with Monet. My girlfriend was doing a study abroad there at the time. When I went o Europe, we ran out of money and didn't get to go to Spain. I will get there someday.

Favorite Object?

Not really this board in particular...but I do love this one. I had it made and got to choose the colors and size and everything. The shaper, Tom Mumford, met me at San Onofre once the board was ready. He actually took this picture and e-mailed it to me later.
Where I live?

I'm in love with where I live. The bike trail is right on the beach and I believe it's the longest stretch of beach in California.

What I'm doing now?
A working mom. Not by choice....well, I wish I could work 16 hours a week. When I frist had Monet, my choice was to either live with my parents or move back down to Huntington and work and take care of myself. After living with my mom for 3 months-God bless her-I decided to move back to HB.


Not yet...but I will be this year!! YAY! Some people might be freaked out by this number, but I'm not. The original plan was to go dancing to an 80's themed place, but since I am now pregnant, I don't really want to be seen at any dance venue with a pregnant belly. So, we're going to go to live comedy.
Grandmother's name? I can't believe I found these. I love dearly both of my Grandmothers and they are both alive and well. I was so lucky to have grown up with them in my life. They are both amazing, inspiring women and I love them very much.
Favorite object?
I couldn't get this next to my surfboard...but I would die without my guitar. I keep saying that one year, I'm going to spend my entire tax return and get a super nice Martin or Tayler.

Thanks for TAGging me Steph-it was fun.
I guess I'm supposed to TAG someone else now....How about Lauren, Damaris, and Sierra.
Don't feel bad if you don't do worries.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Liz's Photography

Liz took these pictures of Monet at Folsom Lake. They turned out so beautiful. We went to visit the family for Monet's birthday. It was so nice to see family and friends I hadn't seen in way too long. All the little babies were adorable...Brodie, Logan, Kaitlyn, Ada....and all of my cousin's kids have gotten so big. Monet was entertained almost the entire time with everyone there, it made my job a lot easier. Monet and Brodie swam together in the pool. They were decked out in life vests and inter tubes. They would kick their little legs and float around the pool. Robby found some wild turkeys around the stream and picked blackberries with the boys. Of course we went to Leatherby's for ice cream. I'll post some pictures of the party later.