Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fords...Fix Or Repair Daily

So, I haven't blogged in soooo long. We went on vacation from August 21st to September 2nd because Monet's daycare was closed. We visited sacramento for 5 days, then spent the rest of the time in Huntington and Robby's parents came down for the last 4 days of the vacation. It was so nice and relaxing. I actually got to take naps and got to sleep in! Monet actually slept in most days until 8ish. I've been back at work for over a week and could not think of anything i really wanted to blog about. We didn't do anything crazy on our vacation and nothing fun had really happened....until Robby's truck broke down. Yes, his mode of transportation for work. I personally would never buy a Ford because of their reliability record OR buy a car new off the lot which he did both of. And the truck was an '03!! I did a lot of research when I bought my 1st car at 18. I bought an Acura and loved it and have stayed with Hondas ever since. Robby had 100,000 miles on his car and his engine died on Thursday.
He shopped around and was planning on buying a new car...until I talked him into buying one that was a few years old with low miles that still had a warranty....and that was more reliable, like a Toyota. We spent all night Tuesday at the dealership and walked away with his 2004 Toyota with 50,000 miles on it and a very good warranty which will probably never be used. It was a steal and we got a good interest rate. His payments are half of what they would be if he would have bought a new car and he doesn't have to pay for the depreciation when you drive a new car off the lot.
Today, I put his Ford on Craig's List and The Recycler and it's already sold! I am seriously shocked! I guess I should have asked more for it...oh well.

Now he's all motivated to work more, so we're getting a computer tonight so he can print out his invoices without having to use his friend's computer...a mac book.

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Pamela Palmer said...

Hi Chelsea. I've missed out on everything--Your wedding,Monet's birthday, the second visit. . .I'm glad I at least get a little taste on the blog. I'm have to start posting myself at some point instead of just being a voyeur. Come to Hawaii sometime. Every once in awhile you can get freaky cheap flights.