Thursday, October 30, 2008

health insurance

This is a picture of a bank run during the great depression. Of course there were no crowds when people withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe it was millions) from Washington Mutual before it merged with Chase recently. Maybe because most of us do banking online. I have always felt secure with money. I've taken care of myself for so long. When it was just me, I waited tables, substitute taught, then started working at the hospital. When I have Monet, I still wasn't stressed financially. I probably would have been, had I not had the job that I have. I've just lived modestly I guess. Always had roommates so my rent has been minimal, never got a fancy car ( I love my affordable honda civic), and I don't shop like I used to in Sacramento. I give the beach the credit for that. Surfing and playing at the beach is free! And that's what I'd rather be doing than anything else. Lately I have been overwhelmed with stress about money! I feel like I'm walking in thick mud and can't get out sometimes. Most of the reason is that I'm crippled in a way...i'm pregnant and can't surf or run on the beach. So, I've been shopping more....maybe as a way to relieve stress. Not good! Our apartment is super cheap, but it's smaller than small and there's about to be one more little person in it. The main reason I'm going on this tangent is that my employer has again changed our medical coverage for the 3rd year in a row. Now, it's jumping from 160$ per month for Monet & I to 225$ per month! Does that match inflation?!? No! I could pay less for private insurance, but no one will insure me now because I'm pregnant and it's considered a "pre-existing condition." I know that this should not put a huge dent in my wallet...but it annoys me. I'm sure shopping puts a much bigger strain on my budget....but it's almost like an addiction. I used to be WAY worse. Now, I mostly thrift store shop, but still end up spending money that I probably didn't need to.

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lauren said...

ok "ROSS" remember that nickname... after you have the babe get private insurance.. that is lame.