Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Monet is in love with mermaids right now. She kept on saying, "I want a tail. I want a tail." I couldn't figure out what she was talking about until she mentioned swimming in the bathtub with her tail. So...I was thinking, maybe I'll get her a mermaid costume for Halloween. I was wanting her to wear last years costume because it still fits..but in a moment of weakness, I found myself near Fabricland. So, Monet and I wondered in and found some great sparkly fabric for a mermaid tail. I then started sewing a little costume by hand. When I got stuck, I decided I couldn't make it work without a sewing machine.....so, now I have a new Brother sewing machine and an almost finished mermaid costume! I have been wanting a sewing machine for a long time and was planning on waiting until the birthday or christmas, but i decided-who cares-I'll get one now. Sewing is so much fun! I decided I'm going to sew the baby's crib bedding myself too. I can't find anything I really love. I'm pretty scared about starting that project, but I'll read up on it.


Meghan said...

Hi Chelsea! A mermaid costume... how cute! You've always been so crafty ans talented. How are you?!

Nate and I recently moved to Santa Clarita, so we should get together one of these days. The sooner, the better!

Karen said...

Chelsea, you have always been brave at trying new things. I like that.
I will be waiting for more pictures!

Karen said...

Meghan: Your picture is cute!

Stephanie said...

How fun,I hope you plan on posting pictures of the finished projects.
I can't wait to see!

lauren said...

jill can help you! she made kaia's bedding. and so funny because kaia wanted to be a mermaid also, but i am making her wear her costume from last year. and YEAH for a BOY!!!! im so excited!