Monday, October 6, 2008

loved the weekend

Robby, Monet and I took a short trip up the coast to Malibu this past weekend. We met up with my cousin Michael, his wife Ann, their super cute/squishy baby Luke, and Uncle Ben and Aunt Sue at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe for brunch.
Robby surfed early at Surfrider,which is on the North side of the Malibu pier. It was beautiful. They have a long right break at this beach.
These pictures aren't in order. This one is from Sunday. We went to Blackies in Newport because Huntington was too big. Robby made a sand slide for Monet. She loved it.
This is Robby just before he got covered up in Newport.
Michael and his baby Luke. This baby is soooo cute. I love him. I was putting my burnt baby book back together in a new scrapbook and there are a lot of pictures of Michael. He is the oldest cousin of mine on my mom's side and I am the second, so we were really close. I used to follow him around and tell people at school, "my cousin knows karate!" I thought he was so cool. I am really lucky to have such an awesome family. I'll try to post some old pictures soon.

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