Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween and the first rain

I know it doesn't look like it, but it actually was raining!  Monet put on her rain boots and rain coat and walked back and for on our little yard.  I miss the rain and colder weather.  I always forget how warm October is.  It seems like this one is extra warm though.  We stayed in mostly all weekend.  Robby didn't even surf at all.  Poor guy.  I actually got to spend Saturday night with some girlfriends.  It was so nice to hang out with the girls.  We went to Cheesecake Factory, then to a movie.  The movie was so funny, my face hurt after.  I feel so lucky to have good friends.  I'm surprised I even still have friends....having a 3 year old and working, I completely have to neglect relationships.  It really weeds out fair weather friends.   

And...Halloween was a success.  We've been going downtown the last couple years.  It is so fun.  Each shop passes out candy and these people get decked out.  I believe I saw a mini pink flamingo, a toddler Grinch, about a million fairy princesses and ladybugs, the outfits people find are amazing.  There were about 10 different bounce houses up and down Main Street and they were all free.   Monet chose to wear her mermaid costume I made her.  That made me happy because we also got a fluffy fairy princess outfit at the thrift store that she could have worn.  Chris met us down there too.  Another Halloween come and gone.    


Karen said...

I love the Monet-in-the-rain picture so much. I am always checking to see what's up with you. Thank you for the very cute card and pictures. You spoil us!

Emily said...

Was that a pumpkin on your tummy? You look great? HOw did your pregnancy pictures turn out? MOnet is getting to look more and more like you, You are both beautiful!! Cant wait to see what this boy will look like!!

chelsea said...

Liz is still working on the preggo prictures. She e-mailed me one and my 1st reaction was, " is that me. dang, I look cute." But, I'm sure it's Liz's photog talent. I'll post some up when she finishes. And, yes that was a pumpkin I sewed onto my tummy. ha ha