Monday, December 22, 2008

christmas treats

I'm not sure how well these will turn up, but here are the recipes for the Christmas treats I made this weekend.  

If anyone makes the  chocolate dipped peppermint sticks: I didn't do the green food dye part.  I just layered the plain dough on the bottom and red dyed dough on top, then cut them into strips to twist.

Also, to make the white chocolate for dipping: melt 2T of vegetable shortening, then add one bag of white chocolate chips at a really low heat.

Monet obviously loved the brownie batter.  This is the 1st time I let her do that...So she was loving it.  I guess I don't make desserts like this that often.  Here she is trying to shove the spatula and whisk into her mouth at the same time.  


mariah said...

so cute! the person and the food. looks really good. you're so crafty.

Eric and Sierra said...

fancy treats chels, they look yummy I think that was so thougthfull of you to make those stockings for your fam, I am very impressed by the embroidered names!! Your such a little crafty mom. Hope your pregnancy is going well.