Wednesday, December 10, 2008


These next 3 pictures are of Huntington Central Park. There's a cute breakfast place and huge slides and play areas.

(Here's the mobile home park by the beach in Huntington. It's labeled, but the homes are in white on the left and just to the left of that is Main Street.) *I can't pu these in order....this is for the end of this post*
I haven't blogged in a while. I've been doing fun things to get ready for Christmas. I decided I would make stockings for the fam since theirs burned in the house fire....and I love any excuse to use my sewing machine. Here is a picture of the girl stockings. I don't have a picture of the boy stockings because I already shipped them off. They were green striped. I made some extra girl stockings since I had extra fabric. I embroidered each persons' name. I think they turned out pretty cute. I also got to finish all wrapping and shopping. The only thing that is left is to bake treats which I can't do until a few days before Christmas. I can't wait. I'll try to post some pictures and recipes when I do that.

I took the past 3 days off in an effort to use my PTO before I go on disability for the pregnancy. Monet & I have had so much fun. We went to this huge park in Huntington called Central Park and hung out at the beach. We went bike riding and went to the Tuesday night market. It was beautiful and sunny today.

Yesterday, we ran into our landlord as he was repairing the drier in our unit. He was a complete @$$hole because he was upset that someone had broken part of the drier. That was kind of the last straw for me. Our place is super cheap and in the perfect location, but it is really small. I would just love to be paying money into my own investment rather than someone else's. So, I went to the bank today and get pre-qualified for a home loan. I feel like the world/earth gives you clues or signs that you should listen to...even though most of the time I ignore them. Anyways, I tried to phone B of A a few times and no one answered. That should have been my first sign- get a personal referral for a lender or try another bank. But nooo, I drive there and talk with someone in person. They don't even have a person in the bank that does the super cheap 1st time home loans and when they get her on the phone she is so negative and demeaning! Ew! I just told her thanks but we're not going through B of A. And that's how the man tries to get you down! I'm not giving up just yet, we're going to talk to a guy one of our friend's referred. Our other options are to buy a mobile home at the park across from the beach or find a bigger apartment.


Jesse, Devon and Aida said...

Chels ~ WOW!! Great job on the stocking!! I wish I knew how to sew...I have a sewing maching but I don't know how to use it!! Good luck with buying a exciting for you guys! We've always owned and now its hard to'll love it! BTW the picture Liz took is amazing! You look so beautiful! I hear ya on people making it EVER ok to say someone is huge?? And they think saying it to a preggo who has hormones raging is going to be ok??!! I about killed a girl when she said that to me I should have!! I need your address too!! Love ya!!

lauren said...

what about tbhe really cute house for rent in between my block and yours??? have you checked it out? PLEASE stay in the hood with me????? i love having you guys close and was really looking forward to being close to help when the little guy gets here!!! also i have a really nice loan guy if you want his #. he will jump through hoops for you and make buying happen if that is what you really want.