Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Chris & I at San Onofre waxing up.

At 20th street on a perfect small glassy day.

At San Onofre. The first time I got to ride my 9'0"
At Bolsa Chica on my Rockin' Fig fun board

Again at San Onofre before Monet was on earth.

I went through some pictures in an attempt to post them on my facebook...(sorry for the repeats). But, I heard from a friend that I haven't talked to in something like 9 or 10 years and it made me think of how much I have changed and who I am. It made me think of what I've enjoyed and where I am now. Although life isn't as free...and not as easy sometimes, I love Monet with all my heart and Robby. And, I'm really just appreciative for what I've gotten to do and where I am now. I am so glad I married someone who enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. It's hard for me to be pregnant. I usually get depressed on and off just because I can't physically do as much. But, looking at these pictures reminded me of what I have to look forward to.

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lauren said...

ah chels.. dont be sad... you will be able to do all the fun things again soon and you will have a little grom to do them with! i remember getting super bummed when i was prego that i couldnt ride my dirtbike, surf, snowboard, etc i felt like i was always sitting on the sidelines, it sucked. but iw was worth every second now that i have my babies... i totally want another one now, but i want to enjoy a little more time where i get to do fun stuff! lika after christmas dave and i are going on a snowboarding trip ALONE for a week. it has been forever since we got to ride more than one day together! lets play this weekend. you guys want to come over for dinner sunday?