Saturday, February 28, 2009

a month in a life

So far, we're getting used to things pretty smoothly.  Having a newborn and a 3 year old is crazy at times...the first couple days home I was thinking, "How can I do this?"  I felt so bad because Monet was struggling for obvious reasons.  She's no longer in her daycare which was super structured and she had all her friends there.  Plus, I couldn't really give her much attention because I could barely move after the c-section.   But now, almost 3 weeks later, things are so much better.  Pretty much right after my parents left, we've been going to different parks, the beach, and the library.  We also started gymnastics.  Isaac is so sweet and easy.

We also went to the Shipley Nature Butterfly day.  Monet got some butterfly body art, we hiked the butterfly trail around the park, and Monet got to do some butterfly art.  

Monet & I with the baby packs...Monet has to be within the closest proximity to me as possible....since a certain baby came to town.  She even came in the shower with me.  She hates showers.    

Our cousins came to visit baby Isaac.  Heather and her kids were in town from Cottonwood in northern California and Ramona and her kids and Grandmere Elaine came from Vegas.  Monet has the sweetest cousins on her dad's side.  Even Kevin held baby Isaac.

Lastly...Robby & Monet getting some painting done.  Why are guys so much hotter when they are fixing stuff?...and being sweet to their kid.


Damaris said...

Monet looks huge. She looks like a big girl who grew 5 inches or something. New borns are ugly but yours is super super super cute!!!! how does that all work out?

are you going abck to work?

chelsea said...

I'm going back to work only on the weekends. I am realizing how easy dropping my kid off at daycare was :(. Monet is being so naughty...I hope she mellows out soon.