Sunday, February 1, 2009

Robby's 40!

Robby turned 40 today.  It was a beautiful perfect weekend for his birthday.  The waves could have been bigger, but there was no wind and it was super warm.  Robby was very excited to use this little bike trailer he had made.  It used to be a jogger stroller that broke.  He put his surf board on top of the bars which used to be one of those ab roller machines.  I actually can't believe I made the bike ride down there...seeing as though I'm having a baby on Thursday.  It was so nice riding in the sun along the coast.  I love Huntington Beach.  
Anyways, we met up with Robby's best friends, Jim and Dara and their adorable kids, Ryland and Makenzie.  Monet was in heaven.  
I'm so lucky to have Robby in my life.  We are such a good match for each other and such a good dad to Monet...and soon to be one more.  

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Liz said...

Happy Birthday Robby! We love you.We left a better comment on the palmer blog.
the Bell family