Thursday, March 12, 2009


Found out yesterday, we're moving back to 20th Street!  Yea!  Robby's been doing a lot of work for a friend who owns West Coast properties and when they were surfing yesterday, he asked Robby if we wanted to move into one of his rentals on 20th Street that is one block away from the beach with an ocean view and everything.  After talking it over, we decided we couldn't pass it up.  Here's a link to the exact location:

But, there is a catch.  It's one of those big houses downtown, so we'll have to sublease part of it.  We're renting out a one bedroom loft with it's own kitchenette, bath, and separate entrance for $1200 AND a bedroom with a private bath in the main house for $800.  The price is flexible, but if anyone knows anyone who needs a place in Huntington please-let us know. 

The move in date is April 15th.


Damaris said...

I hope you find cool people to rent. Chris and I rented from the craziest lady that ever lived when we first got married. It was a nightmare. Good thing we were newly weds and totally in love mode or else the situation of of been unberable. As a reward for putting up with crazy lady for 3 months and 10 days we found and awesome condo to rent that was huge and awesome location for SUPER cheap.

Good luck with your move.

mariah said...

that's awesome! i can't waite to see it. maybe by the time i come see you you will already be in there...