Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The many faces of Monet

Ha Ha!  These make me laugh just looking at them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just venting

I kid you not, as I was looking at these pictures thinking of what I wanted to write, Isaac projectile vomited on my face, in my mouth and all over my chest... I couldn't help but start to laugh.  He is such a sweet, easy going baby though.  I think his only flaw is that he barfs a lot.  And that's really my fault because he's on formula...my bad.  
I do hate venting, but sometimes in the moment you're doing it, it feels good to get it out.  I only hate it because I don't like putting out negative energy....but there are a couple things that have totally been bugging me.  I do really love both of them.  Here goes...Monet has seriously been driving me crazy!!  I have this completely easy, adorable baby who really needs very little attention.  Then, I have Monet.  Who I obviously love more than anything, but she is the most needy, frustrating child in the world!!  I set her up with painting, she paints all over the wall.  I set her up with toys, she wants to climb all over me, pull my hair, squeeze my cheeks.  Not in a nice way.  She's been doing this thing where she wakes up in the night crying and I try to ask her what she needs.  She just continues to cry and it escalates into a scream for about 15 minutes.  A whaling screem.  Isaac sleeps 8-10 hours at night.  Sometimes, Monet will wake up three times at night.  I get so mad and then I look at her and I feel so bad for feeling angry towards her.   I'm sure she's acting out for obvious reasons.  I just can't wait for her to grow out of it already.
Okay, next venting subject.  I love Robby very, very, very much.  He is such a good dad and husband.  I feel very lucky.  But, yesterday, he left for work at 630 am and got home after 9 pm.  If he was making money that would be worth working those long hours, I might say it was worth it.  But, he's not.  When I'm with the kids all day by myself, I know I'm not the best mom.  And, it makes me resentful.  Then, I start feeling sorry for myself and it goes on into a downward spiral.      
Anyways, I am done venting now.  Ahh, much better.  
Some good news is that I bought a really good used double jogger.  It is very light and easy to push.  Today was my first day jogging since the c-section and I used the ipod and everything.  I was actually sweating!  It felt so good.     

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Siblings

Some cool shots of San Onofre from "flicker" online.

Mariah, Charlie, and my mom came into town Monday.  We got to play with them in between packing.  My mom only stayed one day, but the siblings stayed until Friday.  They took Monet to a movie and Charlie got to enjoy some long board (skateboard) rides around town.  I've been so lucky; I got to surf 4 days in a row!! I can't even remember the last time that happened.  We met up with some friends on Saturday at Bolsa Chica.  On Sunday, Robby, me, and the kids went to Bolsa again.  Monday, Chris and I spent the day at San Onofre.  That was so fun!  I hadn't been there in almost a year and it's my favorite surf spot.  It was sunny all day and the waves were pretty fun too.  On Tuesday, we went to the Seal Beach jetty.  My mom and Charlie watched the little ones.  It was so fun.  I'm starting to get my mojo back, but am making some pretty rookie moves.  I guess it takes time.  
Mostly, I've been packing and getting little sleep.  We're moving most of he big stuff Saturday.       

Friday, April 3, 2009

At Kumar and Jen's wedding a few months ago.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At the park near our apartment.  It was such a nice day, I laid the blanket down and got a moment of peacefulness.  If there are other kids playing, Monet is totally entertained.
Monet loving her little brother.  Yes, that is a barbie brush on his forehead.  At least the ribbon isn't wrapped around his neck, right?
What a sweet baby.
I love Isaac's face in this picture.  It's so funny; it looks like it's photoshopped.  And, Monet is playing with a weight.  She tries to put it on Isaac's lap to share...how nice.