Monday, May 18, 2009

I Feel the Earthquake....

I found this amazing graph of the earthquake from last night.  I live right below Long Beach and you can see it's marked as moderate movement there.  Our whole house was shaking.  So far, I have lived here for about 6 or 7 years and I have felt 3 earthquakes.  Strongly.  The strongest was less that one year ago.  I was in Long Beach working at the time.  Our whole building felt like  it was rolling for more than a few minutes.  The phone lines were down for a couple hours after.  This one was much more mild and more like the first one I had felt.  Everything was shaking; the dressers, the TV.  Earthquakes freak me out and I think they are fascinating too.  I was thinking last night, I would feel safer living in a tent than a house if a big earthquake took place.   

Did you feel that earthquake?

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UPDATE: Click here to read about the two earthquakes that have followed this larger one.  Both were smaller and also in the Hawthorne/El Segundo area.

You may have felt the 5.0 quake that just hit us.  I looked it up at the Southern California Earthquake Center, and found that the epicenter was the City of Hawthorne, in Los Angeles County.

Keep a flashlight and shoes by your bed tonight.  And be sure to have extra food and water on hand.  No need to panic, but this could be a precursor to something bigger.

Remember, if there is a big quake, don’t panic.  Stay indoors and shelter in place until it passes.  Do not go running into the street.  You want to avoid glass windows, heavy objects, and overhead power lines

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Karen said...

interesting. i miss you (and m. and i. also) already. thanks for your message on the way home. i didn't know until your post that there was an earthquake.