Friday, June 26, 2009


I have been loving life in Summer time; staying home Monday -Friday. I feel so lucky. The water is warmer and the sun has been peaking it's way out by 1 or 2ish, sometimes earlier. We've been so busy playing and moving around. Here are some photos of what we've been up to. I enjoy the change of each season, but Summer always leaves me elevated with extra energy.
Ofcourse, we've been spending a lot of time at the beach. This day, I packed the kids in the stroller and walked down to dog beach. There's always a lot of kids there, so Monet can find her "friends." It felt so good to get completely emersed in the water. I usually only have the desire to do that when the water is warmer and the sun is hot. It felt so good. Isaac slept the whole time. Such a little angel.. walks in the stoller put him right to sleep.
I have been a bib, burpcloth, onesie making maniac. I get so addicted to new projects or crafts. Here's a set Monet is modeling. If you are having a baby, you could be getting a set shortly.
We went to Disneyland. It was insane. We only went because we got two free adult tickets. Which, Robby and I should have gone alone on a date, but we didn't think of that until after. First off, the child ticket for both parks was close to $100. Hello. Then, Monet could only last for a few hours. She was tired. It was so crowded, I had to part the sea of people as Robby pushed the stroller behind me. We did go on about 6 rides that were really, really fun. We ate cotton candy and loved Pirates of the Carribean. So, in the future (if Disnleyland and our family have a future) we will only go on the off season.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tony's Birthday

It was our friend Tony's B-day yesterday.  That's him walking down with his surfboard.  I've never known a more dedicated surfer/adventurist than Tony.  He overcame addiction a long time ago (he'll tell you about it) and his new addiction is the former.  I met Robby through Tony.  They were roommates when we started dating.  
Last night, we met up with him and friends at San Onofre (my favorite place on earth) for a celebration & evening surf session.  Tony had been going down there on Wednesday nights for years.  I used to go occasionally with a different group and I definitely want to start going more now.  It was so fun.  Most of the guys are retirees.  They are so awesome and laid back.  We got down there around 5.  There was a little swell and the water was warm and clean.  I wore my wetsuit top and bikini bottoms.  I, can't wait to surf without a wetsuit when the water warms up more.  Joy (Tony's wife) watched the kids and Robby & I got to surf together.  That was so great.  I rode my Rockin' Fig 8'2" board out that I haven't surfed in years.  I wasn't expecting to catch anything, especially on San O waves, but I actually caught 2 waves on it.  (I surfed the 9'6'' before Robby paddled out.)  It was the best feeling.  I used to have so much fun on that board.  It goes so fast and it's easy to cut back.  The wave faces were kind of steep, so I didn't take off on some waves that I should have, but oh well.
After that, we had a bonfire and made s'mores.  Monet loved that of course.  She had so much fun. She was running around talking to everyone.  She's very social.  I met this guy Robert towards the end.  I was just enjoying this kid on the guitar, when we started talking.  This kid was amazing.  He had a blues/rockabilly style.  Anyways, I used to have great conversations with people before I had kids.  Just about life philosophy, religion, travel etc.  It just doesn't happen as much anymore.  I guess I meet less people; have less time to just hang out and talk.  We had the best conversation.  It's so cool to meet someone with similar interests as you who has fun adventures to share.  He was in his late 60's and super fun to talk to....but the lifeguards stared announcing the beach was closing, so we headed home.  
On the drive back, I was thinking how lucky I am to have found the most perfect companion to share my life with in Robby.  Nothing is perfect, but I feel so lucky.   

(These pictures aren't mine.  They just remind me of our trip.)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Brownies Ever

One of my many finds at the thrift store was this box filled with recipes all including my favorite ingredient: chocolate.  I recently tried this one and it makes the best brownies I have ever had.  So, I had to share. At the top of the card (not pictured) it states...."these brownies are so good, they almost taste like candy."  In a browny, chocolately way they totally do.
This was my audience.  How lucky am I?!?
Here is my ghetto melting chocolate device.
I've been waiting to use these walnuts...
Ta daaa!  Delicious brownies...cut before they were completely cooled.