Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bonfires at San O

I was really exhausted on this day and did not want to leave my comfortable living room.  I'm so glad I did because the water was warm and I love bonfires at San O.  

We had actually already spent the first half of the day at the beach.  I was lucky enough to get two surf sessions.  That's a rarity.  Then we barely made it to the discount theater for an afternoon movie.  Robby called at 3, "We're going to San O with Jim, Dara, and the kids."

Monet has mastered the art of bodysurfing with an inner tube.  Long after I'm tired of wading in the water with her; Monet can be found begging anyone around to get wet with her.  She gets about waist deep.  Waits for the white wash.  Then, she pushes herself with the wave.  Her little legs strait and toes are pointed behind her.    

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Damaris said...

long fun days are so satisfying.