Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dudes at Bolsa Chica

My friend at work used to call me Bolsa Chica.  I love surfing there.  I used to  surf the most south lot 5 days a week.  They made a man made jetty there recently.  It didn't completely effect the surf.  It's still super fun there (if you go when the crowd is minimal).
Lately, I've been surfing tower 18 at Bolsa with Chris.  She found this really cool group of old men that surf there.  My facorite is "Dusty."  He's the one in the speedo.  He's always telling these crazy funny stories in the water.  I'm not sure if he makes them up or if there are some truth to them.  
Here's their little band.  Sounds good.  I like the harmonica.  I want to learn to play that soon...

Here's how Dusty described a recent wave:

"That wave was like when you're makin' love to the babysitter and your wife's at the front door!  I had to get OUT!!"
Ha ha!  He's funny.

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