Saturday, August 22, 2009


Robby surfing yesterday out front at 20th Street.
I love this picture.  This swell came in around 5ish.  I love the oil derricks in the background.  (Normally I don't like them at all.  I actually hate that they are in our ocean.  I guess it's the storminess of the sea that makes them look cool in the background.)
If Monet is done with painting, I will cover her leftover paint with saran wrap.  This day, I put it next to Isaac.  When I wasn't looking, he leaned over as far as he could and pulled it over to his seat.  I guess he wanted to paint too.
My mom treated me to a hair cut at my favorite place: Toni and Guys.  This is actually my natural curl!!  I grew up with stick strait hair.  Crazy!
Monet perfecting the bikini tan.
She noticed her whiteness the other day:
"It's so white.  It's sparkley. ha ha ha"
August desguised as November.
Monet could care less what season it is.
Look at those blue eyes.


Damaris said...

what happened to baby issac? the one in the picture is huge!!!

ps. the onsie you made me is going in my hospital bag. It'll be the first thing she wears.

mariah said...

man, so cute... and sexy hair :D humidity makes your hair curl... literally. and you guys all look beautiful. i miss you

mariah said...

i hope this works... on your august swell post on palmer and friends monet's picture reminded me of an indian dancer. google image traditional indian dancer.. right?

mariah said...

man... this is taking way too long. i said i hope this works because i tried to post an html link... and i didn't, so it didn't work. so just look up the google image.... technooooology...

Karen said...

for mariah: i think you can only post a link when you are posting the original post, but not in the comments. not totally sure, but thats what I think. (Maybe try posting on palmerhawaii and see if the indian dancer image works.)