Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Fam visits from Sac

I peaked out the window after giving Isaac a bottle (about 3 am) to see this beautiful sight.  The moon was so brightly suspended, shining on the ocean like a spotlight.
Isaac and Grandma Char
My parents and Auntie "riah" came to visit for 10 days.  I got so spoiled.  I'm still sad they aren't here.  I got to surf during last week's huge swell at Doheney.  I was intimidated by the size, but the waves are forgiving and gentle there.  Because of the direction of the swell, it hit Doheney just right.   A couple sets had 9 foot faces.  Of course I was too scared to attempt those, but even when they passed over me, it wasn't like getting caught in the spin cycle.  They gently rolled over and we paddled out for the next 5 foot set.  I immediately found my friend Jen, from the mom's surf group, and we got to surf together.  
Another day, after walking around downtown, I noticed there were waves at the pier.  Earlier, in the morning it was pretty flat.  We walked back and the fam watched the kids so I got to surf.  I haven't surfed the pier in so long.  The water was warm and clear.  I caught a few waves and one was at least shoulder high.
Isaac and Grandpa Andy at Doheney.
Monet's birthday party was a success.  Sleeping beauty came to play with the kids, but Monet was just as excited to play with her friends.
We ate at Sugar Shack a few times and had a never ending supply of Sprinkles Cupcakes.
The excitingly huge swell during the US Surf Open.
My dad shared some vintage pictures saved from the fire. 
The girls were asking Sleeping Beauty things like...
"Sleeping Beauty, where are you going after the party?"
"Can we see your shoes Sleeping Beauty?"

Tony, Joy, Chris, Mariah, & I all got to go out (a very rare occasion for myself).  We went to Bucca de Beppo and saw "Funny People."  It was hilarious.  Those guys are so good at being funny and doing stand-up.  I wish Robby could have been there, but he had to finish a job.  We had tried to have a date night 3 other times during the visit, but he was just too busy.

We did a lot of other things.  Spent a lot of time at the beach.  My mom treated me to a hair cut (got a color for free by signing up to be a hair model).  Didn't work out (besides surfing and walking) at all..too scared to see how much weight I gained.  I was sad to see them go.  I was so spoiled.


Damaris said...

I love getting spoiled by family especially mother and mother-in-law. They just don't expect anything in return. It's nice.

Damaris said...

just got your present from J and B. You're so talented! I love it. thanks for thinking about us.