Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sa-wing Batta

Our friends are in Hawaii. They have season seats for the Angel home games. They let us take their place for the night. It was fun. Mostly because Robby loves baseball and he was excited. (I got a little anxious in the super steep, no-way-out, stadium seats. ahhh) Monet liked it too.

handsome robby
Morning bed head.
Monet crawled in with Isaac.
Can you see my two bottom teeth?
Bodysurf. Inner tube rides. Bikeride to the beach. Semi-warm water. Hot sun.

Do have a green thumb or what? Too early to tell? Found this herb kit at goodwill. I've been wanting to plant fruits and veggies in the front of our house. We have a substantial amount of dirt for our neighborhood. Plenty of room for dwarf fruit trees..tomatoe plants. I thought I would start small and see how my herbs turn out. Normally I kill plants..not grow them. Wah ha ha!


mariah said...

that bed head picture is way cute. i wish i was there to see it in real life

Ag - Pt - Fe said...

Way to go green Chelsers! Gotta love home grown veggies and fruit! I am leaving for Madison for my second Ironman this coming Wednesday!