Saturday, September 19, 2009


I was just thinking about some things I've been enjoying lately...(not actual images. Just ones I liked online)

Yerba mate my french press...yummmmm. Best breakfast ever.

Reno 911...makes me laugh just thinking about it. This guy that is never without his roller skates...are you kidding me!? So silly. I love his matching bandanna around his neck too. Finding new recipes and making them for guests or myself. So fun. Most recently: Chicken and Corn Cornbread Pie AND Cucumbers and Shallots in a Vinaigrette.

Sewing. I have had so much fun sewing. I only get to do it for short ampunts of time. But, I love creating something new or fixing something old. I'm so glad I bought my sewing machine last October. I wish it was as cool looking as this one, but I have no complaints.

I recently found some semi professional headphones at Ross. (seriously, how professional could they be if I found them there :) I love how music sounds in headphones. Everything is so clear...

I've been using my ipod in so many different ways: jogging, plugged into speakers at home or work.

I found a jogger stroller at Play-It-Again Sports. I'm a huge fan of that store. I use it almost daily.

After a few years of gravity flattening and one separated sole later; I finally got myself some new running shoes. For myself, new running shoes are like cushiony caffeine for my feet. I suddenly have all this extra energy and I want to work out more. I can jump up stairs instead of crawl. I can do lunges and jog up mountains....

I love jogging. I feel so good after. I need to do it more.

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