Monday, October 12, 2009


Notice the shoes on her baby.  so funny.  She loves this alien looking baby.

I love this shot because I caught the birds flying over.  Robby and Jim went out for Jim's birthday.  It was super high tide and the waves were breaking pretty steep, closer to the shore.  So, I didn't get a lot of good surfing shots this day.  It was so beautiful out.  The sun was out early.

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Eric and Sierra said...

CHels I love reading your blog and seeing your incredible beach pictures, you are such a talented girl seriously in so many ways. YOur so fortunate to live by the beach. What a fun play ground for Monet and Issac. My kids would love that. For now it is just nice to be out of my mom's. :) Your kids are soo beautiful cant wait to squish Isaac's cheeks when you come!