Monday, November 23, 2009

November so far

One down.  Only like 7 more to go.
Monet finished her first ballet class.
Enjoying a little piece of HB: The city gym.
Pre-birthday bonfire.  The night was perfect.  Robby made his famous chili, by request.  We put the kids to bed.  Watched Endless Summer outside on the big screed and stayed warm by the bonfire.  Good times.  Lots of fun stories.  This reminded me how much I love hanging out with my friends..not that I had forgotten.  It was just nice to have the kids tucked into bed for a night with grown-ups.  
Just took this of Robby this morning.  Wish I had a surfing photographer :)  Can't wait to surf tomorrow....I'm so excited.  I don't want to have any expectations.  I just want to get wet.  

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Trip to Sacramento

As soon as we got off the plane, I had to get in the water.  The ocean was sparkling.  Of course these are of Robby.  He got in after me.

We love Grandpa Andy
Just some of our November birthdays.  Brian, Liz, Charlie, Emily, Kaitlyn, Char, Karen and me.
Liz made these cute flower clips for Monet.
Brodie and Monet.
Little Rosie sleeping on Grandpa Andy.
The beautiful trees changing color.
Monet loves Rosie.  We made her wear a shirt covering her mouth to protect baby girl.
We went to visit our family in Sacramento...especially the latest edition, little Sienna Rose.  Monet likes to call her "Rosie."  Monet climbed trees and had sword fights with her cousins, Logan and Brodie.  Grandma Carol was so sweet to host a birthday party for some of the family born in November.  We drank hot chocolate and told stories about Grandpa Austin with Grandma Mimi, Karen, Nan and Dave.  Mostly we hung out at Liz's house and got to know little Rosie.  

I also got to wip Charlie in ping pong and hang out with my dad a lot.  Charlie had no idea I could even play ping pong.  He tried all his fancy spins, but he didn't know about my snappy back hand!!  Monet is still talking about Grandma Char.  My parents are so good to their grandkids.