Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas 2009

The packages and letters are in the mail, so I feel mostly ready for Christmas.  I want to make some more treats, visit a few more people, wrap a few more gifts. We've gone to see Santa.  First year Monet hasn't been deathly afraid of him.  Took Christmas pictures on the beach.  Made ornaments, made more ornaments, made a ginger bread house.   A tree fell over across the street during one of our windy/rainy winter storms.  Luckily, it fell directly onto the sidewalk rather than a car or through a front window.  Right outside our bedroom window, the tops of the palm trees sway really hard during those storm.  I'm always worried about them falling over and crashing through the wall.  Isaac thinks he can talk now and is saying almost complete words.  He's walking really well.  
Monet said something cute last week.  It was raining, so I took her to the inside McDondald's playland.  There were three brothers and her all playing on the slides.  The oldest one was 5 and the youngest one 2 or so.  We were driving home and she quietly said, "Mommy, those boys said I was a girlfriend and I told them no, I am not a girlfriend." 
It was so funny because she doesn't really know what being a girlfriend is...I was laughing.