Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Advent

Made this for my parents, obviously a while ago. It was soooo fun. I loved how it turned out. I had drawn out each square last year, but didn't have time to make it. Robby's mom gave us a hand painted wooden stocking advent calender when we first got married. I love it. Each little square is the size a of a quarter with a detailed figure painted on it. She said she painted each of her kids one (all 7), but was saving Robby's for when he got married....I thought that was funny. How long were they going to hang on to that thing?

It's been raining for about one week here...non-stop. No sun for one week. It was killing me. I was feeling claustrophobic, like there was no where to get fresh air with sun. I almost went tanning. Yes, in a tanning bed. Today the sun came out and it didn't rain all day. It felt so good. I managed to get to the gym Wednesday and it felt so good. Sweat dripping work outs. Then, today I busted out the treadmill before our crazy day began. crazy fun. I wanted to sweat out some of the junk food I've been stuffing myself with. I'm feeling some major changes coming with the new year...starting with sugar. Like less of it. I can't wait for Christmas. Of course to see the kids so excited, but mostly to give Robby his gift. I got him a new keyboard. We are really random with gifts. We mostly get little things for each other, like he gets me chocolate or something. But, every once in a while we'll get each other something unexpected. Like one year, for mother's day, he surprised me with a new beach cruiser. So sweet. I wasn't going to get him anything, but at the last minute, decided to go with it. Robby plays a tiny keyboard almost every night. He loves it and I love listening to him play. He likes playing on a keyboard because he plays at night and he can adjust the sound. So, I got him a full sized 88 key keyboard with weighted keys, like a grand piano. I'm so excited. I hope he hasn't figured it out yet.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Motivational Star Trek Reruns

The human adventure is just beginning.
-Star Trek

Image found here

Does it get any more motivational than that?!

Came home from work Sunday to find the fam watching the first of the Star Trek movies. I was about Monet's age when I found myself at the mercy of my Dad's TV taste. We spent many a Saturday watching old Star Trek as well as other B movies, bizarre Alfred Hitchcock, old musicals and British murder mysteries. It was endearing to come home to see Robby and the kids doing the same. I remember a few of the shows I watched with my dad that were particularly disturbing, like the black and white film of the town that got invaded by monster sized ants....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More on Connectedness

Only connect.

-E.M. Forster

I happened upon this post on "Salt Stained Eyes" entilted Connectedness. It made me think of how I feel in different surroundings or situations. How I avoid places or people because I don't feel connected and how I find myself at certain places again and again because I do feel it. I feel right when I'm at the beach, breathing in salty, ocean air, on a walk, at the park with the kids, exercising at the gym, talking and being with certain people.

Monet was only a few months old and I was staying with my parents in Folsom, a small saburban town outside of Sacramento with it's mini mansions and fancy cars. People are rarely seen outside. You have to get in your car and drive half an hour to get to places like the grocery store. It's a commuter town. I was jogging on the side walk with Monet in the stroller, looking at the tract houses and the thought entered my head: I don't have to live here. There were other reasons too, but a few weeks later, I packed up our car and Monet and I moved back to our beach. I would put her in the baby carrier, walk down to the water and soak it all in: the sunset, the sand, the waves coming and going. My soul felt at home in this little town, working at the place I so love. After work, I would get on my bike with Monet in the back seat and ride along the coast. It wasn't easy. I was actually really hard at times, but it's nice to be where you belong. I feel that too with the other surf moms and the kids. Maybe it's the ocean and sense of adventure that brings us together.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

And visions of Thanksgiving danced in their heads...I almost couldn't sleep the night before Thanksgiving because I was so excited to cook the next day. Everyone only made a few dishes since it was pot luck style, so I had to make mine extra good. I made buttermilk mashed potatoes with grated parmesan, rolls with garlic butter, parmesan and bacon, and brown sugar sweet potatoes with a little bacon infused and roasted marshmallows on top- Hello! Everything was soooo good. Oh, I also made a stuffed pastry with chicken, onion, melted cheese, bacon and parmesan for appatizers that was so good. Monet helped with those and actually made a few all on her own.

Chuck, the grandmaster/pirate turkey roaster.

Robby and "Billy Buffet"

Monet confiscating Chris's iphone for the fun games. Maybe I should invest in one of those :)

There are many compliments that may come to an individual in the course of a lifetime, but there is no higher tribute than to be loved by those who know us best.-Dr. Dale E. Turner

What I'm most thankful for-

I went to sit down and found these two in the living room.

(And....I just cut my bangs-aaahhh! I can't stop.)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Birthday #32

The whole group. We missed a few, but this is most of us.
My first attempt at caramel apples. They turned out ok. It was a Martha Stewart recipe. They were delicious, but didn't hold well...I'll have to experiment more.
There was an ever so subtle rainbow/hearts/unicorn theme.
The two beautifuls: Jaquie and Chris
Even our old neighbor, Johnny, came...yeah! I miss him. So nice.
Bonfire/movie time...we watched the Endless Summer. It's a tradition.

Dominic and his twin dad

Kindra working some of her Salsa moves with the was that good.

Monet, Christie and Cassie ("my name is Casandra..")

Tony, trying to be cute with Robby

Jessica and her husband

The lovely/beautiful Edwina. My first roommate in Huntington.
This took place a couple weeks ago since my b-day landed the day before Thanksgiving this year. Looking at these again makes me think of how much I love all of these friends/family. I really debated on doing the bonfire this year, but I'm glad I did. I love sitting around the fire and having good conversation.
Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing the attempt.
-William Shakespeare

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ocean love

I'll post this today, since the tornado like wind is keeping me from surfing:

(found at ando and friend's blog)

I guess I'm famous because my friend spotted this picture on and emailed it to me. Ha ha, I wish it was of us surfing instead of us paddeling around. This is my bestest friend Chris. I remember this day. It was so fun. Whoever took the picture must have been on the pier with one of those foot long lenses. Now, I'm wishing I had some rainbow bikini bottoms like Chris.

(Kurt Steinmetz photo, also found on

I love this view. The water is so glassy. I really want to get one of those cameras on the end of my board. Hint hint Santa..oh yeah, that's me.

Same photographer/surfer. Now, I think this guy's really cool: Check out the mustache. It looks like he's having so much fun.

(Ross Fletcher found on

Check out the super green, glassy water at Seal Beach. What a cool picture.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Heat Wave

We've been having a heat wave. I believe it was in the 90's yesterday. That's summertime hot for us spoiled southern californians. ...And there's a swell. Perfect. We went to San O Wednesday night for the last surf/bonfire before the time change. Thursday, I took the day off to hang out with Isaac, clean, and get organized. It was so hot and I was achey from my body pump class earlier in the week. I could barely peel myself off the couch even to make a popsicle run. Today, it cooled off a little. It has been the best day ever. Some days fly by. Here's the breakdown:
  • Wake up at 6 by Isaac alarm. Morning routine. Off the take Monet to school.
  • Met up with surf mom's and babies at Bolsa Chica. Super fun surf session. A little fast, fun, swollen, long lines.
  • Came home. While at home, put Isaac down for a nap(which never happened), cleaned the shower, showered, ate, left to get Monet.
  • Walked the kids to the park. Friends came with kids. Played/chatted. Left for home.
  • At home again. Rest, eat dinner/popsicles, tubbie time/bed.
What a good day.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


My friend Stephanie and I.
Karen and Kindra with babies, Colbie, Dominic and Elea.

Robby and I got married on October 28 four years ago on a day almost exactly like this day. The temperature was in the 8o's, the sun was out, the wind stayed down. It was beautiful. I went surfing with my surf mom friends in the morning. Then, Robby and I went back to the same spot for a sunset session and a bonfire. I feel so lucky to be where I am, surrounded by people I love.