Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

70's jewelry

70's fabric

The lamp was fun.  I kind of think I should have left the dark base...other than that, I love how it turned out.  I just feel so trapped with our house and all the late 80's decor.  We have entire walls covered in mirror.  Plus, I can't paint because I don't want to paint, then re-paint if we move....It would cost a lot.  So, I've been trying to update and I'm loving the turquoise and oranges.  I plan on making these really cool flower shaped pot warmer things with the fabric.  I love all things  vintage.  LOVE.

My next project is a headboard.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Zee Avi and Joel Tudor Surfboards

I found some good new music and I'm in love...Zee Avi. I heard she was from my neck of the woods too. I browse through magazines in hopes of finding someone new and good to check out. Then, I sample the music online. Usually, one out of 20 is worth buying. I'm so picky about what I like these days (in regards to music). Most likely because my time is so limited. I could play this girl's album all day.
I also broke out my guitar last night. It was resting against the fridge and Robby was walking by, "Do you even play your guitar anymore?"
Which really, I play more than he knows because he's gone at work when I'm at home a lot of the time. It felt good. Of course, I did stay up until 11 because of this...well worth it. Once I push past the sleepiness, I get this cloud of energy.
I surfed Tuesday. It felt soooo good to get in the water. It was high tide at 20th Street, which is not my favorite spot. I go out of convenience. And, in actuality, I have had a couple of my most favorite surfing days of all times there. I get nervous at 20th Street because these heavy, big waves come out of nowhere. It's a heavier break than most of Huntington. It was small Tuesday. I caught a really fun right and a left that was short lived, but fun to dive into the face of the wave barely escaping death by white wash. I surfed on our friend's Joel Tudor board. Only because that's the one Robby had out. It is awesome!! His boards are sooo expensive and if I had an abundance of money, yes a nice surf board would be one of the things I would be indulgent on...along with a good camera, a quality guitar, a car that gives out zero emissions...and a little cottage by the beach...okay, so maybe I have a list. I hate to admit that. But this board is amazing. It's almost like it floats perfectly smooth just so it's easier to walk on. It's like a magic surfboard. Not to mention I am mesmerized when I watch Joel Tudor dance along a wave.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

cheers to a new year

Just made this little beauty today.  Super easy.  Found the idea on a blog..of course I can't remember whose.  Probably one of the craft blogs on my side bar.  Yarn and a plastic lid from yogurt or something.

We went on the Huntington Harbor cruise of lights.  It was awesome.  These people go all out.  They put in some serious time lighting up their houses and the money for the tickets went to the OC philharmonics.  I want to make it a tradition.

hopes for twenty-ten:

  1. exercise more, therefor getting into better cardiovascular shape, therefor getting into better physical shape, in hopes of never again having to hear Monet say whilst pushing on my stomach, "Mommy, your tummy is squishy. he he he."
  2. actually open my paint box and create a painting...or three or four.
  3. surf more even if it means waking up earlier or surfing in not my perfect conditions.
  4. spend less $$.  Use things I already have...be more creative.
  5. write 5 whole songs.  Beginning to end.  
  6. be more patient with Monet...this is a hard one.  I tell myself that daily and then....
  7. breathe deeper.  Be more calm.  Be more positive.  Be healthy.  Eat less sugar.  Cook more. (I feel pretty positive and peaceful, but you can always be more of that.)
That's all I can think of for now.  It feels good to write hopes/goals down.  I just need a constant reminder because I forget so quickly.  Happy new year.