Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

70's jewelry

70's fabric

The lamp was fun.  I kind of think I should have left the dark base...other than that, I love how it turned out.  I just feel so trapped with our house and all the late 80's decor.  We have entire walls covered in mirror.  Plus, I can't paint because I don't want to paint, then re-paint if we move....It would cost a lot.  So, I've been trying to update and I'm loving the turquoise and oranges.  I plan on making these really cool flower shaped pot warmer things with the fabric.  I love all things  vintage.  LOVE.

My next project is a headboard.


Damaris said...

I love the jewelry. the first necklace reminds me of Musi.

mariah said...

wow chelsea the lamp looks awesome, and the jewelry looks very cool. i miss you and your craftiness.

Pamela Palmer said...

You were definitely born into the right family. I like your varation on the family theme.

Karen said...

i love the glass bricks. also your sense of beauty and order. i'm enjoying my stylish clutch bag and the great products, btw.