Saturday, January 9, 2010

Zee Avi and Joel Tudor Surfboards

I found some good new music and I'm in love...Zee Avi. I heard she was from my neck of the woods too. I browse through magazines in hopes of finding someone new and good to check out. Then, I sample the music online. Usually, one out of 20 is worth buying. I'm so picky about what I like these days (in regards to music). Most likely because my time is so limited. I could play this girl's album all day.
I also broke out my guitar last night. It was resting against the fridge and Robby was walking by, "Do you even play your guitar anymore?"
Which really, I play more than he knows because he's gone at work when I'm at home a lot of the time. It felt good. Of course, I did stay up until 11 because of this...well worth it. Once I push past the sleepiness, I get this cloud of energy.
I surfed Tuesday. It felt soooo good to get in the water. It was high tide at 20th Street, which is not my favorite spot. I go out of convenience. And, in actuality, I have had a couple of my most favorite surfing days of all times there. I get nervous at 20th Street because these heavy, big waves come out of nowhere. It's a heavier break than most of Huntington. It was small Tuesday. I caught a really fun right and a left that was short lived, but fun to dive into the face of the wave barely escaping death by white wash. I surfed on our friend's Joel Tudor board. Only because that's the one Robby had out. It is awesome!! His boards are sooo expensive and if I had an abundance of money, yes a nice surf board would be one of the things I would be indulgent on...along with a good camera, a quality guitar, a car that gives out zero emissions...and a little cottage by the beach...okay, so maybe I have a list. I hate to admit that. But this board is amazing. It's almost like it floats perfectly smooth just so it's easier to walk on. It's like a magic surfboard. Not to mention I am mesmerized when I watch Joel Tudor dance along a wave.


Surfsister said...

If I had more money, I'd probably buy more surfboards . . . as if I need another surfboard!! We've got no money, but I'm going to get this yard cleared for a mini-halfpipe. There's not much more that I want right now. I need a new car, but mine is still alive so I'm happy to keep driving her.

I may end up getting a Tudor board this year. As if I need another board! However, I may be able to get one for a good price and I think it would be dumb to pass it up just because I already have too many surfboards. I think you would agree with me there. (Just nod and smile.)

Damaris said...

nice post.
I love how you describe your session.
Christian wants a new board every single day of his life.
I wanted a new camera so I bought one. I am way more impatient than he is.