Friday, February 12, 2010

Be My Velentine--oops forgot to post this yesterday

These are my little sweet hearts.  I decided years ago, I loved Valentine's Day.  In my early 20's, I used to use any excuse to feel sorry for myself and Valentine's Day was a great one.  Eventually, I started loving being single and that love affair lasted many years.  And by single, I mean dating occasionally with no long term commitment.  Valentine's Day became one of my favorite times to make treats for all of my dear friends and family and to tell them how much I loved them (or if I happened to be dating anyone -most often not). 

This year Monet and I made coconut lime cookies which were sooo good.  We painted picture frames (99 cents at Michael's), made necklaces and decorated cards.

To find recipe:  (they are listed as coconut lime stars)

Isaac is one..and other stuff

Robot birthday cake...duh:) 
I thought Monet's chalk art was pretty.  And, her handwriting is looking good too.
Kindergarten starting in September.  Hers is a full day too 830-230. Can words really describe my excitement?
I made another one of these beauties during our last storm.  I love the straps.  A while back, I found two big plastic bags with all this super old lace, ribbons, zippers and other cool stuff while thrift store shopping.  
My girlfriend, Chris, is a teacher, so we get to play on all of her many holidays.  I love Monet's eyes in this picture.  I think it's Chris's shirt that's bringing them out.  It's been raining so much that no one wants to surf in the drain run off water.  So, we rode our bikes to sugar shack instead.
Isaac turned one on the 5th.  I could not believe it was already time to celebrate his 1st birthday.  This year has flown by.  I love this kid soooo much.  He is sweet and precious and soft and funny.  He constantly makes me smile.  He has been the easiest baby ever.  I feel so lucky I get to love him and watch him grow up.  

Thursday, February 4, 2010

February so far

Robby turned 41 on the 1st!!
He was super grumpy all week every time I mentioned his birthday.  As soon as he walked downstairs on his birthday and Monet showed him the banner we had made, he was happy for the rest of the day.  I think he does not like to feel that he's getting older.  But, we like celebrating his life.
(Monet has to be naked at every possible moment.)

(I love Isaac's teeth.  Every time he smiles it makes me laugh.)

These are my new favorite things to make...