Sunday, April 25, 2010

Surfing Bolsa

These aren't my pictures..just found them online. I was trying to find pictures that felt like my surf session yseterday. There was a little swell. The waves were slow to build, but had some good momentum once you got in. The rides were really fun. Sometimes,I wait so long between surf sessions, I feel like I won't know what to do when a wave comes at me. Then, when I finally paddle out, I feel at home. I think, oh yeah, I forgot how good this feel and why I love it so much. It felt like flying on those waves yesterday...floating over the top of them just before they closed out. The water was green and cold. Thinking about earth day. I celebrate earth day everyday. I love our earth. I want to take good care of it because I love it so much. Things I love about the earth:
  • paddeling into a wave and riding on it
  • walking on the sand
  • feeling the sun on my skin
  • riding my bike and seeing the view of the beautiful earth: the grass, sea, mountains, flowers, trees
  • the good food it produces. I just picked a bunch of lettuce I have been gardening. It was good. I love fresh herbs in food, especially basil. It makes food taste sooo good
  • running and breathing in the fresh air
  • watching dolphins play in the ocean
  • listening to waves crash
  • seeing the moon and stars in the sky, especially when camping in the middle of nowhere
  • bonfires

There are so many things, I could go on forever.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hair Repair

Back to the closest-to-natural color as possible.  A little darker because it will fade.  

Here's a tip for getting your hair done on a budget...which for me is zero dollars :).  I love getting a good haircut, but they are sooo expensive.  And, occasionally I like to color or lighten my hair which is even more expensive.  When I was single, I could afford it or the sun would naturally lighten my hair because I surfed so much.  Anyway, some of the nice salons require their stylists to perform haircuts and color on models every season.  These are not students.  They are stylists who have to learn new techniques and styles.  You can sign up on their website or call the salon and ask to leave your contact info to be a hair model.  The cut is free and if you get color, you only pay for the product.  I get mine done at Toni and Guys.  I paid 20$ to get my hair colored at a super nice salon.  (I always leave a tip based on the actual price of what I have done.)  Awesome.  Now, I'm waiting to get a call for a hair cut....The frizzy ends are out of control. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Dress

Monet is a handful, but she is as sweet as she looks.

I made this dress.  It's lined.  It has button holes.  I learned a bunch of tricks I hadn't known before.  It's called a bubble dress and I got the pattern from the Purl Bee website (you can click on their craft blog on my list to the left).  I've had the pattern for over 2 years, but was putting if off because of intimidation.  Monet is reaching the largest size on the pattern, so I knew I had to try it soon.  It's as if the skill level was typed onto the pattern:  Way beyond your level;  be scared.  Or something like that.  I read each step several times because sewing language is one of it's own.  Then, I placed one foot in front of the other, blindly.  I felt so proud when it actually looked cute on Monet.  Not to mention, comfortable.  I'm thinking the next couple will be a breeze.  That's how it usually works.         

Monday, April 12, 2010

Patty Griffin Remorse

(someone's random image of Patty Griffin online)

I love music more than normal people.  I went to my first live show at 12 with a friend and her older sister.  I have easily seen over 100 shows since.  

I did not go see Patty Griffin at the Wiltern Saturday.  I spent the day working at the hospital.  I'm lucky to love my job.  I came home like a good little mom and hung out with my family after work.  I walked down to the water where they were.  The waves were swollen and the tide was high.  Bathed the kids and dragged my body into bead.  Even if I did go, I would have been to tired and preoccupied with the kids to enjoy myself.  One day we'll play guitar and sing together.  
I'm listening to her new cd right now.  It's bluesy and soulful and I loooove it.  My friend suprised me with a copy today.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Monet is doing so good in swimming.  It's too early to tell, but she picked it up really naturally.  We go twice a week.
Isaac can eat with a spoon or fork now.  I wouldn't have even given him one because he is only one year and two months.  But, Robby gave him a fork over the weekend and he knew what to do with it.  

My parents came to visit for 5 days.  We love it.  We went on long walks, thrift store shopping (my dad actually likes to thrift store shop as much as I do), had a bonfire, and just enjoyed our time together.
This is from St. Patrick's Day.  We were all wearing green, so I wanted to take a picture.
These were really good.  Flourless Chocolate-walnut cookies.  Go here for recipe:
This pizza turns out good everytime.  It's a pretty generic version of BBQ chicken Pizza.  Use your favorite pizza dough recipe.  Use BBQ sauce instead of red sauce, throw on some shredded chicken(I like to toss it in BBQ sauce too), sliced red onion and mozzarella cheese.
Our bonfire with Grandma Char and Grandpa Andy.
Isaac being naughty naughty.  So cute.
Before Robby and I went on a date.  Monet asked, "Can I go on your date with you?"  She also asked my dad if he swallowed a watermelon. 

All in all, I loved having my parents here.  Every other time they have come, I have gotten some surfing time in.  But, this time it was high tide in the morning.   So, by the time the waves were good, it was windy.  Plus, I'm really cautious because I don't surf as much and there was a swell this week.  I know I'm lame, but it didn't happen this time.  Even so, I'm so glad they got to visit.