Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hair Repair

Back to the closest-to-natural color as possible.  A little darker because it will fade.  

Here's a tip for getting your hair done on a budget...which for me is zero dollars :).  I love getting a good haircut, but they are sooo expensive.  And, occasionally I like to color or lighten my hair which is even more expensive.  When I was single, I could afford it or the sun would naturally lighten my hair because I surfed so much.  Anyway, some of the nice salons require their stylists to perform haircuts and color on models every season.  These are not students.  They are stylists who have to learn new techniques and styles.  You can sign up on their website or call the salon and ask to leave your contact info to be a hair model.  The cut is free and if you get color, you only pay for the product.  I get mine done at Toni and Guys.  I paid 20$ to get my hair colored at a super nice salon.  (I always leave a tip based on the actual price of what I have done.)  Awesome.  Now, I'm waiting to get a call for a hair cut....The frizzy ends are out of control. 


Karen said...

beautifully naturally lovely.

Liz said...

i really like it chels. it sort of looks a little strawberry.