Thursday, April 1, 2010


Monet is doing so good in swimming.  It's too early to tell, but she picked it up really naturally.  We go twice a week.
Isaac can eat with a spoon or fork now.  I wouldn't have even given him one because he is only one year and two months.  But, Robby gave him a fork over the weekend and he knew what to do with it.  

My parents came to visit for 5 days.  We love it.  We went on long walks, thrift store shopping (my dad actually likes to thrift store shop as much as I do), had a bonfire, and just enjoyed our time together.
This is from St. Patrick's Day.  We were all wearing green, so I wanted to take a picture.
These were really good.  Flourless Chocolate-walnut cookies.  Go here for recipe:
This pizza turns out good everytime.  It's a pretty generic version of BBQ chicken Pizza.  Use your favorite pizza dough recipe.  Use BBQ sauce instead of red sauce, throw on some shredded chicken(I like to toss it in BBQ sauce too), sliced red onion and mozzarella cheese.
Our bonfire with Grandma Char and Grandpa Andy.
Isaac being naughty naughty.  So cute.
Before Robby and I went on a date.  Monet asked, "Can I go on your date with you?"  She also asked my dad if he swallowed a watermelon. 

All in all, I loved having my parents here.  Every other time they have come, I have gotten some surfing time in.  But, this time it was high tide in the morning.   So, by the time the waves were good, it was windy.  Plus, I'm really cautious because I don't surf as much and there was a swell this week.  I know I'm lame, but it didn't happen this time.  Even so, I'm so glad they got to visit.   

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